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Video compression methods?


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I was just wondering if anyone had any useful methods of compressing video to produce small file sizes without compromising too much on the video's quality?


I tend to render out uncompressed AVIs from premiere and have been using AVS video converter to produce various formats such as quicktime, mpeg etc.


Just wanted to know what people's workflows were for this?



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Export to lossless quicktime mov.

Avi's scare me. loads of problems / containers etc

Quicktime is much more solid.


Then I use quicktime pro or sorenson to output a good sized version.

QT Pro settings

for 720p hd.

H264 codec (or mp4 .. either way its h264)


FPS = 25 (for pal)

Every keyframe = 15 -25

Limit your totol kbps = 5000 - 7500 kbps


Compress audio as well to say 44,100 khz.


Voila, mov / mp4 that is ok size wise, but visually good and plays smoothly.

Youtube + Vimeo uploadble too

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I also use Any Video Converter to make my final output that'ss distributed to clients. I mostly make MP4s as we make heavy use of the IPAD here for presentations etc. To do this I use the customized MP4 preset which I tweak so the output size if HD (1280x720) with the XVID or x264 codec and a video bitrate of 4000 with 2 encode passes. This setup seems to produce good results within a reasonable file size.



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