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Reflection on glass facade..


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As a start try out one of the "Arch & Design" preset materials for glass. (Templates ---> Select a template)

Don't forget to use "solid" or "Thin walled" depending on how you glass is modelled. (Advanced rendering options ---> Advanced reflectivity options)

Reflection strengh depends on the angle (camera vs. glass surface) but you can fake it if you want to under BRDF ---> Custom reflectivity function

Glass is not flat, a SLIGHT (like 0,05) bump map will add realism by breaking up the reflection, make sure that the map is quite large and soft (like the procedural noice).

A pure MR sky is a blue gradient (rather boring) adding clouds/background will make the reflections more interesting.


My 0,05$

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Thanks ironwnd..yes I know how to create glass material & all...My problem is to get good refection on it.


When we add any cloud bg image in mr sky it becomes very unrealistic I mean map gets stretched etc.


I get good refection in Vray when I put plan in front of gls with self illumination, but i cant use this technique in MR,


as 1) MR sun does not have exclude option

2) I cant get proper self illumination object due to exposure control settings are for day light.


I don't know how to use hdr in environment to get good results, tried couple of but not getting great results.


So is there any way or other where we can get the great results..??? Is there only daylight system for mr day exterior render? is there other way to rig exterior light in mr where we would have some more control like exclude etc.??

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