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Autocad 2013 Flatten command taking a long time


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Hey guys,

I'm working with Acad 2013 and am trying to flatten reference .dwg's for use in building my models. However the files that I"m flattening are not large, but are not receiving the "flatten" command as desired... I select objects, "flatten", N (do not delete hidden lines), and wait for the command to run.


first thing, it takes a LONG time for the command to run on a small file and secondly... the command isn't flattening all of the linework...


any advice... tips?




edit: I should mention I'm running windows 7 ultimate on a Dell Precision 4600 with plenty of hardware...

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Daron - an alternative to the Flatten LISP is to select everything in the scene and call up the Properties panel. Then pick the drop down object filter and select the entities in that selection one by one. For example when you select Lines you can set the start Z and end Z to zero, and the polylines Z elevation to zero, Circle/Arc Center Z to zero, and so on.

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