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Overall it's a good image. If I were going to be really picky I'd choose these:

- Ceiling lights are to bright, they are blown out, most notably the hanging light in the center and the recessed lights along the wall.

- Sofa cushions look very hard and rigid, they look more like plastic.

- They lights are pure white yet there is a yellow cast to the whole room, it just doesn't quite look right.

- The color/reflection looks a little off on the silverware.

- Adding the little details can make a big difference. Try adding things like outlets, baseboards and light switches.


Others may have a different opinion but those are what jump out at me FWIW.

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in answer to your question in your last post... to make it less rigid, try turbosmoothing and FFD box modifiers to improve its soft cusiony look in terms of its poly. Also you could look into bump maps with wrinkles/creases which will help to add that extra bit of soft realism.

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