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inserting AutoCAD drawings in online portfolio


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Hi All

I have been struggling to put my autoCAD drawings on my online portfolio. I was wondering what is the best way to do it, so the drawing is legible on screen and does not exceed the screen size.


Also, if I can make a pdf of it.


I have tried using eps format and acrobat distiller for plotting but the results are not good. eps by itself looks good, but when I save it as pdf it does not look good.


Please suggest.




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There is a method for inserting drawings straight from autocad. I have used this with autocad2005, not sure if it will work with earlier versions. I haven't treid it in a while but you go to File-Publish to Web, you will go through several options as if you are going to publish the drawing to a website, at some point it will allow you to pick what you want to save the image as. If you save it as a JPEG or PNG you will see a big difference in the quality of the image over the other export formats available. Once you go through the set of menu options it should allow you to save the image as a JPEG or PNG to a specified place on your computer, rather than publishing to a website. This is kind of tricky to pull off, wish I could give you more details but thats all I can remember of the process.

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