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Tapatalk support?


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Bit of a bump but I am having issues using tapatalk on here as well. I can log in and view posts etc. but forum attachments do not show up and the timeline view does not load (I can only use unread posts or browse via forums).


Anyone else having such issues or is this problem my end?


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Can you provide me a link to a page where attachments are not visible. My hands are pretty tied as this is a third party app so we don't have any control over it. If you provide me a link I can see if there are any fixes on their site.




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Hmmm... well having said that, it all seems fine now! (sods law! :)) So no worries here, sorry to be a nuisance and thank you for your consideration.


(I think I'd been viewing cgarchitect via my windows phone prior to a recent WP tapatalk update, when I noticed attachments weren't visible at the time. So yes it was clearly a third party app issue, that I guess they fixed recently.)

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This is one example of how most threads appear



If you take a look at this in your web browser you will be able to see that the original post has an image posted with it. When I check in on Tapatalk (I use an iPhone or iPad) the image in the original post is completely missing and any later images in the thread appear as this broken image. These are screen shots from my phone photo 3.PNG

photo 1.PNG

photo 2.PNG

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