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Wierd VRAY thing


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If you are mirroring the windows, that is the cause of the problem....couple things to try: Use istanciate instead of replicate under the system tab of the rende settings. If the windows are multi-sub object materials, make sure that both materials are either Vray or standard, not a mixture of the two. Make sure that your glass material is double sided, and last, try flipping the glass.




Nice render by the way!

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....select your panes of glass, and apply a fix normals modifier to it. planes are 1 sided in max, and they have a direction they are facing. you need to make them face the other direction.


if you don't want to use a normals modifer, you could probably select the panes of glass in the mirrored piece, and mirror them again (don't duplicate them) so that they are facing out.


i could be wrong though, because the window still kind of look like they have a pane of glass there, but just not reflecting anything. if what i think is wrong is wrong, it should like nothing is there.

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