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animated HDRI

Tommy L

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Hi folks, does anyone know if its possible to obtain animated sky HDRmaps to be used in a mr skylight in viz? What im thinking is to animate something like day to night shot. In the past ive just done a completed day shot, a completed night shot, and used winmorph to animate between the two. Is their the equivalent of winmorph for HDRI? Then i could slot in the hdri frames as the environment.

Actually, can a movie file be used as the skylight map? That could make some pretty cool stuff.

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There are no commercially available animated HDRI - and not likely to be any.

HDR is produce by capture approx 13 images at slight different exposures and then combining them intoa single image containing more light information. This cannot be done in a single image.


Until cameras can capture HDR in one exposure, it would necessary to capture approx 13x30xsecs of animation. Thats 390 frames per second.......while adjusting exposure for every frame.


On top of that, no animation codec that I'm aware of can support HDR.

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