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Shape Merge


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This is a question I've struggled with for a long time, which should have an easy answer.


I often get spline geometry from CAD for site work. I like to keep things as clean as possible and use object paint to detail the grass areas and create mounded areas, etc. So, I will use shape merge to combine the perfectly clean spline geometry with a perfectly clean edit poly plane.


However, if the spline (or the edit poly) is not flat - I cannot find a good way to make the geometry match the borders of the spline. Does anyone have any suggestions? It has to be something simple that I've overlooked...












and the test max file:


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You can also select the Border of the cut out, hold CTL+Click on vetecies option to convert selection to vertecies and then hit Make Planar in the Z axis. This will make them all flat and then you can move them to the original line.


It is likely that with the verts selected, you can also just align them to the line by Z only.


*** Never mind. Totally missed the point.


Shape merge is for cutting clean planametric shapes out of curved-type geometry. You are looking for a script of a lot of manual labor.

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It doesn't look like Ant Stitcher will do what I want. It will move edit meshes or edit polys... but it doesn't snap to the borders of a spline. I'm wanting to do it backwards. My SPLINES are not planar... I want to be able to make my non-planar splines have a clean mesh draped over them. Similar to what the surface tool might do - but with more complex spline shapes.

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Thanks guys! I think this will do exactly what I need it to do. (or at least close enough)


Getting the edges to match the spline exactly might take some tweaking. Or, I need to find a good script now that will snap verts to a segment - use that to move the edges and snap them to the spline segment.

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