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Max 2014 Environment background ????


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I have a problem.

The environment background set up has changed in 2014.

Normally choose you image, click envirnment , and screen instance that to background and effects slot, and bang it's done.

Not any more.

Montages just got a lot harder.


Can someone please help.

I know change is good, but Jasus they have messed with so many things this year, that is is wrecking my work flow.


Thank you



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Didn't notice that... I usually go straight to the Environment slot and choose the bitmap from there (hence it comes already as one would expect) or use the same VRayHDRI for both lighting and bg as spherical... Gonna try the other way around tomorrow and see if that changed.

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It works for me. I loaded a map in to the environment slot, dragged it in to a slot in the material editor as an instance and changed a few settings. It defaulted to a real world map size that i couldn't change so i switched it from Environ to texture and back again and the real word size went back to a tile size of 1.0. It renders fine.

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