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Pixelated Reflections on Model Imported from Rhino to 3DS Max


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Hi everyone,


I am new here to the forums. I have a basic knowledge of rendering, I have been using v-ray for rhino and I am getting back into v-ray for 3DS Max after a couple years.


I have a model of a building with a ton of glass and for some reason all my reflections/glass materials are extremely pixelated. I have tried countless glass materials and made my own basic one, all with the same results. I am assuming it has something to do with my lighting. I am using an Irradiance Map and a light Cache. All settings are pretty typical.


I read on another forum that it could have something to do with the mesh normals, and that the might need to be smoothed? I couldn't figure out how to do that in the 3DS Max Interface.


I am attaching my file and my an image of what I am experiencing.


If anyone has a free moment to help I would be really appreciative!






Pixelated Glass.jpg


3DS Scene

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