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Virtual prototyping for use with interior redecorating?


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Hi everyone. So I hope this is relevant, but it's an idea I posted in the Interior Design LinkedIn group and I thought some people might find it useful here.


Basically a colleague and I were discussing the best way to redo her lights in the apartment. She wanted to put in track lights, and I suggested that she could paint the ceiling a different color, then use the light from the track lights to bounce off and give each room a different mood. But - we don't know how it would look until it was done.


So I had this idea that we could use a 3D scanner (Like the Matterport, for instance), and scan her room - then load the file into a renderer app like the one our company makes, and test it out. It would be perfect then if paint companies released a standardized material template that used scans of their products, so you could even get this to the point where you could test it out with different hues from individual suppliers!


What do you folks think? Has anyone done this? I want to write a blog post about it on our company blog, so if no one has I'll probably end up doing it myself. :)

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