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VRAY Camera Constraints (Frame) in Viewport? (Rhino V-Ray)


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I have V-Ray for Rhino, at least 2.0


In Maya, there is a film gate button which shows the render constraints as a box in the viewport, is this possible in rhino with v-ray?


This is what I want: http://joshuamosley.com/tutorials/MayaRender/CameraPanel.gif



I want to know the constraints of the camera in my viewport so I don't need to render to see where the object is. I'm sure there is a way to do this, but I couldn't find it with google.



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3DS Max is nice, but this is the V-Ray they give at my school. I'm probably going ot buy student v-ray for 3ds Max before I graduate to get the pricing.


How would you get the frame to appear in the viewport of 3ds Max? Better to learn now, than to come back. I've used mental ray in 3ds max, but I have never used 3ds max for modelling, each program has it's pros and cons.

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