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Hi there.

I build pc 5 year ago for day to day workflows , but lately I've been looking at picking up 3d modelling and stuff.Been doing rendering and modelling for like 2 years, so now i am thinking of upgrading PC will be using " maya,vray,arnold,Nuke,photoshop " for work can be heavy or day to day work.


Current PC config :

i5 3450 3.0 Ghz

8 Gb ram

Asus P8 B75 mobo

1*320gb 5200 Hdd

1*4 Tb voilet wd Hdd for storage ( Newly bought 2 mnths ago)

1*Asus Strix 960 4Gb ( newly bought 2 mnths ago )

Old 600 watt smps with 6 pin power connector


Money : 1500$


Thought 1:

CPU: xeon E5 2670 20M Cache, 2.60 GHz * 2 ( Dual ) getting very cheap from friend at 100$

mobo: some LGA 2011 motherboard can be any which support them

RAM: DDR3 64 Gb ram

SMPS : atleast 750 Watts

SSD: atlest 500 Gb ssd

HDD: OLD 4 Tb for storage


Thought 2:

making small render farm :

CPU : 3*4790k 4.4 GHz

mobo : 1 * any gaming board capable of running two gfx card(gtx 1070 or so)

Mobo : 2 * simple mobo since only using for distributing rendering ( micro atx )

RAM : DDR 3 24 Gb for main machine and 16Gb each for two slaves

SSD : 1*500gb ssd for main machine and 2*256 gb ssd for slaves

HDD : 4 tb Wd voilet hdd ( old ) for main machine


smps : 750 watt for main machine and 450watt for slaves


Thought 3:

CPU: Xeon E5 2690 v3 (30M Cache, 2.60 GHz) ( getting cheap at 330$ from friend)

MOBO: asrock Extreme 6 mobo

RAM: Ddr 64 gb Ram

SMPS: 850 watts smps ( for future for sli (3* Gtx 1070) )

SSD: 500 gb Ssd

HDD: 4Tb Wd Voilet ( Old PC)


I am thinking of going for 3rd config but kind of confused with 1 and 2. is my decision is correct or i should stick to faster cores or dual Cpu system will be blast.


can someone enlighten me how much performance will i get for thought 2, or dual cpu config compared to option 3

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Dude, I need friends like yours.


That's some serious increase in renderpower you will have with the new stuff coming from a modest i5.


But how much renderpower do you need?




The question you will have to answer is are you looking for modelling-and renderingpower or only renderpower. Is your i5 good enough for modelling? And how much gains do you want with your new stuff? Like things going 2x faster or 3x faster?


For modelling-and renderingpower combined look at the higher end i7's, which you can overclock.


For only renderpower look at (dual) xeon's.

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