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Whats new with 3DS MAX 2017 and Vray 3.4


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Max has a few new tools (Chamfer Mod) and a different Layer Manager. It no longer uses a "Standard Camera" and has incorporated VRay's Exposure setup. You can use the MCG to build new modifiers and several other tools.... 2017 has seen big improvements in file handling and you will not experience as much crashing s before.


VRay is all new. No more Adaptive Subdivision/Fixed/Adaptive.... instead just Bucket or Progressive. You control your image through a DMC Min/Max that is much higher than previous values and use a separate noise/color threshold. Minimum Shade Rate helps to additionally direct rays towards GI and Glossy Reflections and REflective Caustics is on by default. Brute Force is an option for production. You have a denoiser now and can probablistically calculate lights. Materials no longer utilize subdivisions as they are now determined by VRay and they now can use a GGX BRDF type. VRay Physical Camera no longer exists. There is a new Sun/Sky Model called Hosek and they now have an Aerial Perspective effect. RT Works.


There are so many differences between the new and old versions, but if you are good with the tools, then you will have no trouble navigating the newest versions. VRay may be a larger challenge, but look at a few tutorials and don't stress. It'll be a week or two of discomfort then business as usual.

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SWFA in my opinion.

What does that acronym stand for ?


BTW: Physical Material is new too in Max 2017, which is great ( and supports ART and Arnold renderer at the same time ). Internally, a whole new unified renderer API has been introduced with Max 2017, which should make things a bit easier for renderer devs in the future: like making renderer agnostic maps & materials etc...

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