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Laptop with desktop CPU? + RAM Problem

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So guys I don’t know what machine I need but I know something about me – I have tendency to overkill.


One of the reasons is because I’m using PC (amd phenom x3 II 720 + 12gb ram + geforce gtx 260) or my laptop (HP ProBook 4535s) and let me tell you, working on them is painful. Now I’m so sick of it that I dream about mystical, powerful, multipurpose machine that will end all my problems for the next couple of years. And the fact is that I really don’t need best machine on the world, neither I don’t have enough money to buy it.


I was completing my PC set but realized that i can’t have PC right now. I travel between 3 cities every week so PC would be available for me for just 3 days/week.

So Laptop. (propably)


Software and purposes:

1. Rhino 3D + Grasshopper – modeling and rendering.

2. Photoshop – Editing and drawing with Wacom tablet + I really want to start playing with Quixel.

3. Speedtree – Software where my “overkill nature” comes out. I’m working on 3d lawns with tens of millions triangles and very detailed trees. This makes me think about ram amount that I should go for (32 or 64gb)

4. Other software which I use as a fulfillment for my wokrs or I’m playing with – HDR Light Studio, Vue (for generating sky domes).


For sure in the future I will use Revit and propably some 3D sculpting software like z-brush.

Because I mentioned Quixel and HDR Light Studio I’m interested in video cards that will allow me to work with RT rendering.


Money to spend: ~ 2.500 USD


Problems & Questions:


1. Because I want to work on scenes with high amount of triangles, and as far, the most RAM I had was 12 gb I don’t really know if should I go for 32 gb or 64 gb will be needed for my purposes. I want to ask you guys, Do you personally use amounts of ram that go over 32 gigs?


2. Laptops – If I want to choose 64 gb options there are some serious limitations on the market, most of the laptops don’t support that amount of RAM and if they did, they usually come with Quadro Cards which I want to avoid and they are really expensive.


3. I found laptops based on Clevo construction, there is company in Poland called Hyperbook which makes fully customizable laptops. They can put Desktop CPU in it, a lot of ram and powerful GPU. Do You have some experience with construcions like that? I spend some time and I came up with something like that:


HYPERBOOK X77VR - price: 2781 USD



CPU: Intel Desktop Core-i7 6700K

GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB


SSD.M2: INTEL SSD 540 Series 480GB




My final semester just started and I need to make some move to avoid very sad deadline situations and of course i want to spend my money wisely because they was really hard to earn ;). This is why I decided to ask for help. Thanks a lot.

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Hey man, since no one replied, here it goes.


You are running some really old hardware, especially for the software you use.


I would surely investigate the following things with the HYPERBOOK:


- noise under load

- plastic case good enough

- bios: update in the long run, bios without defects

- is the dealer close by in case of any defects

- reallife battery performance

- keyboard


I would see if you can get away with some cheaper hardware. In case the laptop isn't to your liking in the long run, you don't have wasted a lot of money by going all-in.


Play with cpu results here:




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