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High quality plant models


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Hi all,

I started creating my own collection of High quality 3d plant models for architectuaral visualization since there are not a lot of good and beautiful models on the market today.

any comments or critics are very welcome


This is the first Yucca Elephantipes planter model




yucca planter Aa04c.jpg

yucca planter A04.jpg

yucca planter Aa04.jpg

yucca planter Aa04e.jpg

yucca planter Aa04d.jpg

yucca planter A04 Dark.jpg

yucca planter A04 brown.jpg

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Evermotion plants, they had made all plants, twice...


thanks komyali for your comment,

I know evermotion models, Evermotion trees are very good and I espetialy like the newest tree collections with the detailed trunks but IMO their potted plants and most of their palm trees are not as good and not as detailed or good looking, and their planters are also not as detailed or not even textured most of the times and the planter designs are not to my personal taste, so I decided to make my own and try to make them look good for scenes with cool looking high end designs

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