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KRPano Multires Stereo VR at least 2 Panos with hotspot to each other

Morne Erasmus

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Hi all


Can somebody please share a screenshot of the directory structure for the L/R multires images for this? At least 2 panos in the tour with at least 1 hotspot linking to the other?

Then also the xml bit for making it stereo. Having a hard time going through the docs and making sense of it all.


I looked at the stereo example that comes with KRPano, but that is single res, single pano with no hotspots. Also the XML files are different from these than from what you get from a droplet, as the example point to a folder structure 2 levels UP, and the droplets gives you levels DOWN


Yes Stan has a pretty neat tool for this (VRTO.me), but NO I don't wan't to use Stan's online tool to automate this, where's the learning anything in that?

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