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Only computer down in middle of production - what do you do?

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Hi all,


I was wondering what you guys do if your main working computer fails during production.

Now I guess a lot of you have a spare machine, but I'm sure other solutions must be out there.


A little explaining; I travel a lot and do occasional (basic) 3d imaging, so I prefer keeping my hardware configuration as simple as possible without too much hardware to maintain. But I worry what to do if my laptop let's me down. I should need access to another machine in a reasonable amount of time...


All ideas welcome!

Thanks a lot

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One of the solutions is if you're traveling a lot, is a mini pc (intel released a good one not long ago). It should manage 2d and 3d releated work easily if its not too complicated. The drawback, that you need a monitor, but if you can solve that easier than finding a pc to work on, then it saves you a lot of time. An external hard drive where you save all your files from the laptop, and what you can connect to your mini pc. OR a wacom cintiq OR a microsoft surface OR a second cheaper laptop (a lightweight one, to carry around easily) and cloud backup (updated every day) to access all your files anywhere.

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If you have a laptop from a good brand, I personally wouldn't worry. Those things just go on and on.


Things that could let you down is if you would drop it and broke the sreen or let it get wet by spilling water over it. Well in that case, I always made sure I have all my data back-upped to a spare ssd. If the damn things breaks and its unreparaible, I will just buy a new laptop and copy and paste my data.

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I freak out and panic.


I always carry a wrist cast that attaches with velco in my backpack. They can't blame you for an act of god. (I fell off my bike)


I've ALWAYS had 2 pcs set up identically - it would be crazy not to. With a laptop things get a little more complicated.

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