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Filmic color mapping vs Reinhard


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Hi Guys,


I would like to bring back the old question of which color mapping works best for you in vray after I did some tests with corona and start tend to believe the color maping there is doing a better job.I' ve read lots of comparison with samples on this subject and got lost at the end to be honest ..Filmic color mapping looked better in most of the samples compared vs Reinhard so I tried it in vray through VFB+ which has it but I didn't get a result better than the Reinhard.Actually am I not sure I am using it correctly ( I use it over a linear multiply ( dark m 1 , bright m 1 ) to compare with Reinhard ..

HSV is terribe in oversaturating as we know..

so my question is what works best for you without using exr, directly from vfb ir vfb+..



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