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Working with Revit Query - Workflow efficiency?

Greg Francis

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Hi All,


I work for an Arch Viz practice that has a project coming in soon where the client's sending over Revit models for which we intend on rendering with Vray in Max.


This is a question for those who have working knowledge in Revit as I'd love to pre-empt potential issues when translating from Revit to Max. So that in mind, what issues have other found when working with Revit to Max? When considering workflow - how have people found it compared to their usual methods? (i.e. for us - Historically we model in AutoCAD).


I'm expecting to adopt a stronger relationship with our client's CAD technicians to assure they send us correct information - however at this point I need to invest a lot of time in figuring out exactly what is it we'd need from Revit i.e. .RVT and FBX files.


Any input would be greatly appreciated and apologies if the topic has been discussed before - I had a look!


Greg :cool:

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