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tree for Unreal engine


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I've created some trees by growFX plugin .So I want to use them in Unreal Engine .

Before we import our models, we need to make a channel 2 UVW unwrap on every mesh for lightmap.

But, Tree that I've created has 1,900,000 polygon meshes. So when I create a channe2 UVW unwrap ,PC has freezed!

I don't think so heavy polygon mesh,umm.

How can I create channel2 UVW? Any good idea ,please.

Sorry for my poor English.

PC: windows7

CPU:intel corei7 3930K 3.20GHZ


Grafic : QUADORO K2000

3dsMAX 2016

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When working on any game engine you need to optimize, you can't carry all those bad habits we have when using raytracer renderings.

Trees or any plants for game engine need to be optimized, you can't use millions of polygons in one single tree.


Take a look at Speed tree for Unreal or follow some tutorials about optimization for game engines, you may need to rebuild your tree to be used inside Unreal or any other game engine.

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Thank you very much.it's helpful.

I 've just started using unreal engine,and in japan I can get only limited information by archi viz using unreal engine.

I'll try to optimize !

But,Using growFX , It has seemed to become huge polygons soon,and take a lot of time by unwrapping to make a UV 2 channel for lightmap .

Is SpeedTree suited for unrealengine? I'll try it.

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there is a a special version of Speed tree for Unreal, you can pay per month and that is specifically designed to work with Unreal you should take a look.

Other than that you need to research some tutorials for GrowFX for game engines. Using all those small 3d leaf may not be the best way to optimize, using planes with alphals would work better in that case, but I would recommend to look for tutorial specifically for hat.

Again modeling for real time is different than modeling for raytracer rendering.

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