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Illuminated area above window


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I'm trying to set my lights for an interior rendering but I'm getting a problem with strange illuminated area above window (picture). I've been searching for the source of this but I have no idea what may be causing it. I was thinking about it being reflection from below surfaces, but the problem lasts even with an empty room. It's not being affected by Vray sky environmental map eighter.

I was trying to play with exposure values, they seem to affect it a little bit, but still it's not ideal.

I'm using just Vray Sun with default settings, no other lights, GI on Brute force and Light cache.

Any ideas about that please?






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I think that is suppose to be there. Take a look at the ceiling above a window with light coming through it like it is in your scene. Light is bouncing around your scene and hitting the ceiling. I do however, think that your light is too bright and your camera settings are bunk. Take a second look at those and adjust accordingly.

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Yep that's the way it should work, That's is called GI.

Just put materials and more lights inside your room, adjust your exposure accordingly, it will look better.

That happens in real life too, just look around.







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