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We would like to test a new thing at our office, and would like to give the task of tiling textures to someone who never did it before, barely did any 3d work so far.


We scan our materials, so the textures are all looking good, but we need to do the tiling and we would like to see how hard it is for someone who never had a task like that before.


Do you know any good video/tutorial that we could use for that purpose, a tutorial for beginners.

As mentioned we scan the materials, so no need to remove gradient or noise from the texture, to get rid of reflections, only getting rid of the seams (although a video with an explanation of not only getting rid of the seams are good as well).


We only know old tutorials from 5-10 years ago, and would like to use some newer ones.


I am going through youtube and google, but it would help if someone could point to a video and says "that's good, try that", if you have any video you liked or remember that are good, please share it in the comments below.


What videos/tutorials you know of that you would recommend?



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