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feedback for WIP exterior

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Studio/Institution: confidential
Client: withheld
Genre: Commercial Exterior
Software: Maxwell Render V3

Any feedback would be appreciated. I am going to improve the island in the middle of the road on the lower left of the image with some landscaping and the backs of some people walking toward the building.


I hate the context buildings, but I do not want to work on 'designing' those at to what they would look like in the future with redevelopment. I could do some translucent boxy things, but I am hesitant to try that.


Fyi, I will also be removing the shark graffiti on the entrance.


@Macker ? :):p





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  • 10 months later...

Hi Taylor!


Nice work.


A couple of things I would say:


The road surface looks pretty shiny. Is it raining?


The models of the cars look pretty old and similar.


The strong blue/ green color on the call near the entrance. Does it have to be like this? I'm not sure if this is the best colour here.


I like the camera angle and the general composition.

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