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Hi Guys my names Joe im from NW Illinois. Back in the 70s I used to be an architectural draftsman til the housing industry fell through so moved on. Now I been having that itch again and am learning arch viz. The project I am starting on is from my childhood it is the Collinswood manor from the Show Dark Shadows. In reality the exterior shots were of Lyndhurst Manor a nice Gothic Castle/Manor. I love Gothic architecture and thought I would try it. I am using 3ds Max 2017 as my weapon of choice and doing some courses on Udemy to help me along. I was lucky enough to get 16 sheets of plans from smithsonian collection unfortunatley no dimensions so Winging it. Using the drawings scale of 1/8" to the foot I have enlarged it to 1" to the foot. Hope to post some WIP stuff once I get something worth showing.

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