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Small Apartment living room

Tim Holmes

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Studio/Institution: West Rim Digital Media, Lester Ohio
Client: None, Learning Project
Genre: Residential Interior
Software: Blender 2.8
Website: http://https://taholmes160.artstation.com/

HI Folks: This is a work in progress on a small apartment living room that I am working on for my portfolio -- Im at the stage were its ready to have some people look it over and tell me what you think needs improved, The one thing I ask, is that if you think something needs changed, please suggest how to fix or change it. this is a low sample (128) render with the QuickDe-Noise add on -- Id appreciate your feedback



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I would lower the camera to around eyelevel and straighten your verticals. The render is also pretty dark so you should increase the exposure. After doing that you can try to get some more life in the image. It looks a bit empty with a lot of really dark furniture. I advise you to find some good reference images on the internet on interior design and work from there. Good luck

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