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Interior Render

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This is a very good start. And, the previous comment is a good suggestion as well.

Just a few things to work on. Overall the image is still pretty noisy - I would work on the render settings, or just let it render for longer. I find the color of the chair distracting - it goes from green to yellow which is a bit odd. Color bleed on the wall is a bit excessive from the chair as well. Perhaps desaturating it would help, as everything else in the image is quite muted. The magazine in the chair looks a little too contrived.

Could also increase the DOF effect / lower f-stop to help focus on the table & chair. A tiny amount of texture / variation on the wall would make it more interesting as this surface occupies a lot of the image's "real estate".

Another thing that might help is to indicate activity off-camera: something very subtle in the glass reflection, just a spot of color or light coming from the left. This could make the scene feel bigger than it really is. Think about the use of the space, or maybe introduce a small story to the image. What time of day is it? Maybe I just got home from work and there is a drink on the table? Or, maybe it's morning time and a steamy cup of coffee? These elements can bring the whole thing to life. Hope that helps, hope to see what you come up with!

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