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Archviz exterior tutorials for Blender from GarageFarm.NET Academy.

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Hi guys!

I thought I would collect and share all the exterior archviz tutorials we did on GarageFarm.NET Academy so far. They don’t create such a series as our exterior visualisations, but you can use these techniques to create a compelling environment for the architecture you want to visualize. 

Make a realistic picnic scene on grass with Blender and Graswald

A tutorial showing how to create a picnic scene with realistic grass, meadow plants, and some rocks. Showcasing the use of Graswald - an awesome addon for nature and archviz scenes (or anything requiring realistic low greenery).

Meshroom and Blender photoscanning tutorial (+ falling leaf animation)

A short and fun tutorial on creating an autumn 3D nature scene using Blender and a photo scan done with Meshroom. Adding some details with Graswald add-on and finally animating a falling leaf. 
A healthy motivation for all 3D enthusiasts to go outside and take photos while enjoying some fresh air, to get back to blender with a fresh mind and a photo scan to play with...


Making a house in 60 mniutes in Blender GarageFarm.NET Academy casual live stream

In this DJ a'Live live stream DJ will take a jump into Blender 2.80 beta to make a quick attempt of creating a house in 60 minutes. Also showing some new cool stuff from the Blender world.
Spring is here so let's blend the outsides!


How to generate and scatter rocks in blender 2.80

In this short tutorial by Marco, you'll learn to quickly create rock meshes using rock generator - a preinstalled addon in blender 2.80.
Once you have 3d objects procedurally generated, you'll be able to texture them with a few clicks (and a little help from node wrangler). Finally scattering the rocks around a simple environment scene utilizing a new a bit hidden and unofficial feature called object scatter.
Using these tips you can go and make awesome landscapes of your own!

I hope you will find these tutorials useful. :)

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Hey guys!

Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET Academy. 

I would like to share with you a new DJ’s Blender enviro tutorial. 

How to make rocks in Blender 2.9+ with rock generator addon

In this tutorial DJ shows how to enable a pre-installed addon called ‘rock generator’ (now it is a part of a larger addon ‘Add Mesh: Extra Objects’) and use it to procedurally create rocks of a different sort (using a preset of sandstone as an example.)

Every 3d asset needs textures to look good in the final render so in the next step DJ shows a quick and dirty way of texturing your rocks without the need of any UV unwrapping !

Rocks tend to erode and turn to sand (sometimes the other way around as well) so putting our stones in a desert environment seems like a perfect idea for a 3d scene.

The last part of the tutorial covers the creation of desert dunes using blender’s ocean modifier and texturing it with CC0 textures. Finally lighting the scene with the new Nishita Sky texture in the World setup (adding sun motion with simple keyframes.)

I hope you will find it useful. 

Happy rendering!

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Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET Academy. 

I have a cool videotutorial to share. Customizing 3ds Max UI for archviz modelling. It's part of our holiday cabin series, soon I will have more. 


In this video, DJ shows how to download, install and use the free Blender GIS addon. This useful tool allows for importing Google Maps (or other GIS provider's data) straight into Blender. Easy search functions enable you to navigate wherever you want in the world and get a detailed textured map in Blender. What’s even more impressive is that you can turn it into a 3d map with just a single click! 

In the second half of the video, DJ shows a simple rippled water shader in Blender to make the lake surface more realistic.

I think it's another argument to check Blender as a part of your archviz workflow. The number of Blender add-ons is huge and most of them are free. So you can create some of your scenes features in Blender and then import them to any software you work with - most probably 3ds Max. 

I hope you will find it useful.



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