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Gamma issue in Enscape

Tom Bussey

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I don't use Enscape, but I may be forced to soon in some regard, so I would like to know what's going on under the hood here, specifically a problem that my colleague ran in today. I'm pretty sure it's a Gamma issue, but I can't replicate it in Max.

They took some RGB values for specific RAL number from the RAL.to site, when they rendered the colours came out much darker and more saturated than they were expecting. I don't have Enscape to play with right now, but in Max when I turn off Gamma correction and enter the number from RAL.to or use the colour picker it is an exact match, when I turn on colour correction it's too light. 

anyone care to have stab at what's going on here. I have a feeling that the values on RAL.to are sRGB values and Enscape is looking for linear values. And that when my gamma correction is on in max it's giving the value a double dose of gamma. My knowledge is hazy on this stuff though.

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I never had work with RAL values. What I know is that Enscape in deed under the hood works on a linear configuration. But the main difference with other renderer is you can't change that, it process the image and textures at Gamma 1.0 but then it apply gamma correction and color mapping, that you also can't control. 

The only way to have more control on the image is rendering in to EXR. Then everything comes at Gamma 1.0 - 32 bits

Having said all that, most of the time when working with Enscape the RGB values are pretty close to what I input, Enscape tend to wash a little the colors and over bright the scenes, but nothing that changing the controls to manual and adjusting them can't fix.


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