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How to continue improve quality and creativity?

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Hey Guys,

After a few years of frustration with archviz, I finally found some passion back in the field. I am doing some courses and thank God doing a lot of work.
A just want to take my work to the next level and wanted some feedback and perhaps some tips of courses to continue to improve. What's is the best option to lean matte paint? And to find my own artist signature? 

Thank you! 








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A good place to learn matte painting is either through CG Master Academy (CGMA), Artstation learning, or various Gumroad tutorials from industry professionals.

As far as your work, it's good but it's very much in line with what everyone else is doing which makes it not really stand out much. To find your own artist signature, you need to do something unique. This could be as simple as trying different lighting setups, and/or different camera angles. Perhaps try inserting one or two interesting people into the scenes but avoid the overly sexual female characters as that goes into the creepy direction. Another option is to do a unique building that is in your local area. Reimagine that building in 3D as an exercise.

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