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Graphics card advice

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Hi folks...


haven't posted in a while (and never in this section of the forum), as I've been relocating (to London) and getting to grips with Cinema 4D (as opposed to Form Z).


You'll be pleased to hear I'm loving everything about Cinema 4d, well, everything apart from the modelling but I can still step back to FZ when needs be.


Anyway, I'm going to be buying a new computer (for personal use) which I'll be using for my own personal 3d work and for gaming. I've never been much of a techie person and I haven't bought a computer in over 3 years and I'm needing some advice as to what graphiocs card to get...


I'm not looking for anything too expensive or too heavyweight, just something I'll be able to use for games and some open GL work in Cinema...


thanks in advance.



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hi chris,

i am new in here and this is my first message. I am also planning to buy a new desktop. One of my friends who is also a 3d specialist recommended this card to me.




he says that he gets an extraordinary performance with realtime processes. But it seems to be quite an expensive one for me.

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