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Damn Norton !

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Similar problem, no solution.


Just TRY to find help on ther website, I dare you!


My NAV stopped being able to do it's 'LiveUpdate' thing. It must not like my networking settings. Once, I came across the pane in NAV where you can change them, but didn't know what my system's setting were, so figured I'ld come back to it. I have never again been able to find that pane. I realize that makes me look like a complete idiot, but that's my story.


What to do when your NAV will not 'auto update'?



I hate to admit that I must manually download virus detection updates and then run that, but I do.

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I kind of sorted it ...I think.


Open up NAV

Go to options/Auto Protect.

Uncheck all 3 options, click OK.


It will appear disabled, but now it can be enabled manually by right clicking on it.


It's worked just now, but will see how it does tomorrow.


It was working fine for months/years until a recent update.

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I had a sim problem last night after the update. I got a popup that I needed to uninstall/reinstall Norton and was directed to a help page that told me to do the same. I shut down norton and started up again and the red error went away. Maybe I'm just lucky.

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