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What do I need to know about freelance?

Pavel S

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Hi guys, need your advice.

Worked as an architect and interior designer in Russia. Couple years ago switched to 3d visualization. Half year ago, left Russia because of war in Ukraine, and violent regime in my country. Currently, in Turkey. Had some remote job in Russia, but unfortunately amount of work ended. Here I am looking for a remote job. Here is a couple of question I would like to know about industry. I will be appreciated for your help.

1)What is the best way to find a remote permanent or freelance job as a 3d visualizer? Do you know any useful resources?

2)Do I have the skills to get a job? Here is the link to my portfolio https://www.behance.net/pole_interior

3)On what money can I count on  ( ?/h in Europe or USA)

4)Is it ok to send portfolio directly to interior companies/ visualization companies?

5)Heard about Upwork and Fiverr. Maybe you can suggest other platform for 3d freelancers? 

Had a difficulty with Upwork. Pretty hard to get first job there. As it seems, it is impossible to start earning fast. Can't get first project because you have no reviews, you have no reviews because you have no projects accomplished. ) Fiverr seems even less perspective. Maybe I am wrong, just my experience. 

Thank you.)

Визуализация интерьера_Сметанин П_new_Страница_18.jpg


3 copy.jpg

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I would suggest adding a bit more to your portfolio. While it is good, there just isn't enough diversity of content in there. You want to show the widest range of skills that you can. If you can get some Unreal work in there, that's a great experience to have to separate yourself apart from all of the other visual portfolios out there.

This is the hard part about starting in freelance. You need experience/references to get reliable work, but how do you get those first few jobs without them? Whatever you do, do not drop your price or compete with the $5 renderings that exist on site like Fiverr and Upwork. Most of the work available on those sites is pretty toxic and I'm always amazed at the amount of people willing to fight to get a rendering job that is all but guaranteed to lose them money.

As far as what to charge, that really depends on you. What is your work worth? What are your monthly expenses, rent, food, software rentals, etc? Write down your expenses and that's your absolute break even point you need to charge. I'd add on a % for profit and future growth such as new hardware, software, a vacation for yourself to unwind, etc.

The job board here on CGA is a pretty good place to start. There are a few places looking for remote work.

You can send your portfolio directly to companies, but prepare yourself for a very low response rate. Do not take it personally and just keep sending them out. However, do not send multiple emails to the same person or keep sending "follow up" emails. That's a sure fire way to get you blocked and sent to the spam folder. You can send emails to the same place, but I would wait at least 6 months between contacting them. I get at least 10 unsolicited emails a day either on my work email or LinkedIn about visualization work.

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