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RTX render speed differs 3.6 times!?

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After 12 years of CPU rendering i thought it´s time to give GPU rendering another try. I checked VRay Benchmark scores to compare different GPU´s.

For example for RTX 4080 I found scores ranging between 4400 pts. and 1219pts....

So i am seriously wondering how it is possible that one Card renders 3.6 times faster than another one?

I would appreciate very much if you share your experiences!

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you need to look at the average scores

Also, inside the average scores, you'll need to see amount of benchmarks done
a handfull of benchmarks could mean overclocked systems or such
low scores is likely laptop scores which will always be lower
you need to look at the middle one
in this case I searched for a single 4080 and it shows the RTX scores average "3753" and there were 99 tests conducted with similar systems.

You also need to take into account driver version etc


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