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Critique & Help: Photo-real fabrics

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Hi There,

We've commissioned an artist to deliver photo-real fabrics but after many rounds of test renders, we're unable to give feedback that results in the fabrics looking photo-real. See final images for bedding reference.

Everything in the renders is to a high standard however, the bed and footrest are missing that final 10%. We feel it's a material problem although, the reference fabrics have both crisp and smooth folds so this might also be an issue?

To us, there's something in the way the CG fabrics are reflecting light that looks 'CG' to us. And yes, crisp, white bedding is probably harder to deliver but the footrest also exhibits a softness or blurriness that doesn't feel right (view at 100%).

Does anyone have feedback that might help the artist understand why the fabrics don't look real?

Hope that makes sense and that this kind of post is allowed here. We have a lot of respect for the artist and want to work with him for all our shots but just feel he's missing some specific technical direction on the fabrics we're unable to provide.

Kind Regards, Ben





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Updated images to better show fabrics
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Photo-real fabrics are certainly one of the most difficult things to achieve in 3D, especially the large fold in the duvet towards the pillows (which looks deflated in this render). My advice is:

  • Provide your artist a high quality close up swatch of the fabric/type.
  • To match this swatch Poliigon have some great fabric materials/textures. https://www.poliigon.com/textures/fabric
  • From my perspective I would say the wrinkles/folds need softening by about 50% in the geometry.
  • Use a subtle displacement for the smaller wrinkles that appear throughout (between the larger folds).

Again that last 10% of quality adjustment is super hard so expect it to take time or additional budget since its top-tier kind of work.


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Thanks for the reply, very much appreciated.

We’re fully aware that realistic textiles are hard but the artist said he could do it and showed great examples. However, his examples weren’t plain white which is probably harder because there’s nothing else helping to sell the realism - right? 

But thanks for the suggestions, I’ll pass them along - he has physical samples as well as pics but your notes should help.

Much appreciated, Ben

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