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Afternoon view of a hotel

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Hi Marek,

Welcome aboard!

I think the image looks good already, pretty informative. But I'd like to give my two cents:

- This perspective isn't particularly flattering, quite the opposite. You could definitely benefit from a more angular view, moving the camera to the right while keeping the target where it is. It will give you a much better sense of depth and context, as the viewers would better understand the proportions of the building, the shore line, the pier thing on the left... Not to mention much more interesting volumes and shadows.

- I understand you went for a photographic background here, but since there's nothing notable about it that would place the building in a specific place, I'd definitely go for a brighter blue sky, maybe some dramatic clouds... The scene has a lot of pastel tones (mostly beige), so the blue sky will give you a very nice contrast.

That's it! Great job!

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