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Animated ashpalt map


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Hi all,

I have a problem, and I am asking you for help.

I applied asphalt map on my parking lot, and for some reason my asphalt material is moving together with camera.

My question is: Why is that happening, and what should I do to avoid it.

Modeled with AutoCad 2005 and rendered animation with 3DS Max 6.


Thank you very much

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Ok, almost the same thing (if it's what I think).


Select object

Click on the UVW Modifier

Click on UVW Gizmo (make sure it's highlighted)


Then look down at the time bar to see if there are any keyframes, if so, delete them.



You could also use the Track View/Dope Sheet editor to look for any keyframes

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i'd go with IC's theory.


it might be so bitty and grainy that the video codec compressor is giving the impression the map is sliding or moving, whereas in reality it's perfectly stationary.


try better AA or a better compression ratio with your video codec.

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you may have animated the map in the material editor, rather than going around looking for red hash marks on spinners though why not just create a new material and reapply to rule out accidental material animation.


oh and hello there, im new \(o^-^) :eek:

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