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New Specs Check!

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I'm about to purchase a new pc, and have read few stuff on parts, and, still, taking time deciding what's a good option.

Please can anyone advise I'd be greatfull. Below are specs that I'm thinking of but always open for better options.


Specs are


Motherboard Supermicro X6DAE-G Dual Xeon 800 Intel E7525

chipset 800MHz FSB 64bit PCI Express x 16 PCI

Express x 4

2 SATA RAID DDR PC 2700 ECC reg.

Gigabit LAN + Sound Ext. ATX



Processor Intel Xeon 3.0GHz EA [800MHz]

1MB cache Nocona Retail inc.fan.



Memory: 1.0 GB DDR400 PC3200 ECC Registered

For Opteron/Athelon FX.



HD 2 x 36 GB Western Digital Raptor 10Krpm

8Mb Cache Serial ATA HDD

[dual for raid]


Antec TruePower Quiet 550W XEON PSU with twin fans for server boards

[24 pin PSU for XEON PSU...]


Abit ATI RADEON x300se GURU 128 MB.


Yes the graphics card is not so cool but apparently I only need a similar one for a spec like this one as the processing accomplished centerally is that true or not??? My current card is not AGP so I need one to suit the motherboard.


Also if this could be of any interest there is a good article here:


From the page.......read below


.....Although the K8T Master2, Tiger K8W, and Thunder K8W all support dual Opteron processors, there's more variation between the boards than one might expect. I'll be exploring each board's unique characteristics, quirks, and common traits over the course of the comparison. Make no mistake; there's a lot more to these boards than can be described by their spec sheets


Thanks and Bye for now.


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i have roughly the same setup at home...dell 3ghz with a gig of ram. origninally with the ati x300. i junked it after buying HL2, for a x700. the video car determines your frame rate within the program. you'll be able to move around faster and create content with less delay, saving you time and frustration in the end.


if i were you, i'd step up from the 300. its an entry level card and it shows. i bought the 700 for $200 (us).


if you want more info about video cards, look at cgtalk.com. quite a few debates about workstation cards vs gamer cards...



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For better help, why not tell us which programs you intend to use on your new machine...

Is this a single CPU you are getting? I'd get two right from the start - its harded to match a second one later on, and if you are not planning on a second one than just get a single P4 machine or AMD64.

Some programs really hate ATI cards (and some users as well..)

Unless you do video editing, you can save a lot by droping the Raptors idea and raid two 7200 SATA drives (if you really want the raid...)

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The software would be Studio max, for modelling interiors. and producing short walkthroughs...

yes, I forgot to put x 2 processors...

and I'm not going for that graphics card.[for obvious reasons] :-)


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