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Making edges visible


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How do I make edges visible when doing a quick render? I’ve tried to give the edges color in sub object mode, but that didn’t work. Also I tried the forced wireframe option but that only showed the edges and not the model itself.


Anyone, any suggestions?

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Ink and Paint will only outline the general perimeter edges, AFAIK

Latice modifier will only render much like force wireframe but with width


If this is what you mean then its not that difficult.





Either you render the wireframe separately and make a composite or follow these steps


-select object you want to render edges

-edit mesh, use edge selection mode then select all edges

-click "Create Shape From Edges"

-select the shape you just created

-under the modify tab, click "Renderable" under the Rendering rollout

-enter desired thickness

-apply color or material


-walla! you now have a visible edge render


BUT if you just want to make a quick render of the viewport in

Edged faces then maybe someone else knows how. :)


And, yes, you can also duplicate the object and put a latice modifier on the

other duplicate, but that would increase your polycount and thats

bad news if you have a very large scene.

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