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TFT Questions..etc..

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Hi guys, i am really starting to understand why a lot of people uses 2 monitors...i Have a 21inch Eizo and i think i need more space so i dont have to open and close windows..


I've read a lot of good reviews about the Samsung 191T, I wonder if is still one of the best monitors in the market, heare in Europe costs about 1200 euros, a friend of mine says that he could find a LG L1811S 18" TFT Flatron at 700 euros..

There is alot of price difference but i am not so sure about the performance, here are some specs.:


>Controls / Adjustments Brightness, contrast, H/V position, colour balance, gamma correction, clock

>Display Screen Coating Anti-glare, hard coating

>Response Time 30 ms

>Video Bandwidth 135 MHz

> Max Sync Rate (V x H) 85 Hz x 80 kHz

> Colour support 24-bit (16.7M colours)

> Max Resolution 1280 x 1024 / 75 Hz

> Dot Pitch 0.28 mm Image Max V-View Angle 160

> Image Max H-View Angle 160

> Image Brightness 250 cd/m2

> Image Contrast Ratio 350:1

>Port(s) Total / Connector Type 1 x VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)

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How about Eizo TFT's, they offer a good quality like the CRT's too. If you buy a monitor you should always look at them in reality instead of buying blind, and if you want to look at the colors take care that the monitor is at least on for 30 minutes. Additionally only use the dvi connection, if possible, so you get a direct digital to digital connection, gives a better picture.





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The Samsung 191T is quite possibly the best LCD on the market currently, ignoring apple's 23 inch cinema display.


I have one, and I wish I had two.


Second on what ezio said...


1) Make sure you have a DVI-I video card.


2) Always better to check before buying.

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Forget Apples 23" display, the new 20" has a much better picture, no wonder that the 23" is now cut in price. And the problem with that large screens is the colorshift when you move your head from left to right, because as a computeruser you sit to close. How about a nice 40 kilo Sony FW900 ?

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Originally posted by Raffaello.S.:

I would like also some opinions abbout the Lg Monitor above,

thanks in advance :)

Their not comparable displays.


Basically looking at a budget/midrange display next to the flagship.


The nicest thing about the samsung (besides its sharpness, color, brightness, contrast, dual outputs, decent response times) is the fact its got one of the smallest bezels of any lcd on the market. (Its really thin). They work extremely well in pairs, and seem to float in the air.

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Originally posted by Greg Hess:

Is dell in your area? Dell's 1900FP display is the samsung 191T, just with a Dell logo.


I've seen it go as low as 640 USD in the states sometimes.

Yep, thats about what i payed for mine, and it's really great! Dell seems to have pretty good customer service too. I got my monitor 2 days after I ordered it. Really a great buy.
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