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AMD Price Cuts...2800+ XP on Market

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I may be in the market for a new computer... just that time again... seeing the great performance I can get for the price, I'm going to go towards AMD's this time...


I have been told different things regarding XP and MP... can you actually run XP's as dual or not? Some say makes no diffrence, some say, doesn't work, some say it may but not supported... anyone really know about this? Anyone running XP's as duals here?

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Just got myself a load of bits to build a machine. usinga dual athlon board with a single XP at first. planning to upgrade then to 2 athlon MPs in a few months. Normally the dual athlon board will run ok with a single athlon XP. For 2 CPU"s, officialy you have to should use MPs. Though there are various "tricks" for using 2 regular XPs. personally I prefered to avoid all that. sounded very dubious and potentially unreliable

Still,.....loads of info on it all over here



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When XPs and MPs came out, there were no probs at all running XPs in dual configuration. AMD didn't support it, but I know of dozens who did it, and no one who had a problem (at that time). However, AMD lately disabled that option with bios updates, and the new chipset (MPX vs, the older MP). If you can get your hands on the older Tyan Tiger MP with the original bios you can run XPs on it. Don't know if AMD did anything to the newer XPs themselves to disable that option, though.

Personally, nowadays I'd pay the extra and buy MP CPUs if you want dual. If you Just want to run a single CPU on a dual board (budget issues) than you can easily do that, and then replace it with two MPs when price go down.

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All the tricks and all the hacking to run dual XP's as MP's....BARELY works anymore. Especially with the newer chips. Its almost IMPOSSIBLE to get the Dual 2400+ or later chips running as MP's. These chips are physically different then the 2200+ or any earlier Athlon processors. They're known As Tbred Rev B, and have more transistors and an additional metal layer in their construction. (9 total to reduce EMI because of the extra transistors).


There has been some success with Dual XP's with the new chips, but the individuals still talk about infrequent crashes...I don't know about you, but any chance of a crash during an extended render is enough to turn my head away from a ghetto solution.


New Athlon MP's slated for a Dec launch date.

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