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Found 3 results

  1. I have a scene which is corrupt, it takes up 4gb or so of memory I have 16gb installed I can create a new scene and merge it but saving that out and opening results in a crash. so everytime max crashes I have to merge and re do all of the render settings and its becoming a problem.. would be greatful for any help cheers i'm figuring one of the objects is corrupt would that be right ?
  2. guys, i'm having this, like, enormous problem with max 2012. once in a while i import materials from some of my older scenes and projects, just to save time and trouble, and i never save changes i've made to material library. now, for some reason, at some point these scenes that i import materials from tend to get corrupted - i can't open them, nor can i import materials, objects ore any data from them at all . they are utterly destryed. and this had happened several times already, so i'm sure it is not just my imagination. does anybody have any information on this matter and is there solution for this problem. thanks
  3. Alright, This is driving me crazy, I'm hoping someone out there has found a solution to this studpid problem. My files were originally created in 2008, now I'm working in 2009, opening some of those "old" files. I knew I would have to save them in 2009 in order to "wash away any trace of 2008" but now I'm wondering if it's worked properly. The only way saving them in 2009 worked was if I manually save selected everything from a 2008 scene and merged it into 2009 and then saved. That worked great. Rendered fine over my network, life was good. Then 2009 starts doing something awesome. Rendering over my network gives me the same error I was getting when I was trying to render with 2008 with Windows 7. So I tried in 2009 save selecting everything, restarting max, and re-merging everything and boom it works fine. No problem, off and running. But it keeps happening. Every time I go to test the files across the network, I get the same error, and if I re-merge, everything is fine until I close max again. THOUGHTS?! This is ridiculous that I have to do this every time!! Any help is appreciated.
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