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Found 2 results

  1. Good morning (^v^)/ I would like to try and setup distributed rendering. I have 3DsMax 2012 and VRay Advanced 2.0 Can someone explain to me the difference between VRay RT render server, VRay DR Spawner, Backburner and Net Render? I know Backburner comes standard with 3DsMax for distributed rendering but what's the Net Render tick box for at the bottom of the Common Parameters in the Render Setup? And the Distributed Rendering tick box under the Settings Tab? Why are there so many... I have tried all the above render choices(?) but they all gave me some sort of problem: (1) Backburner, I can render the scene from my intended slave(B) to my main pc(A) but the render process does not use A and B to render. When i render from A, picks up only the A server and uses it. (2) Net Render, I type the IP's of A and B but again it only picks up A. (3) Distributed Rendering, with this option selected in the Settings tab, I type the IP's of A and B but it returns with a warning log saying "Could not connect to host A & B". (4) VRay DR Spawner, it neither starts up when I select it form the start menu (it's not in my Task Bar or under my Tast Manager) nor when I click it in my C-Drive directory. (5) VRay RT render server starts fine but I have to start the vraydummy2012.max from the C-Drive (a tutorial said it should show up). During the render it returns with a warning log saying "Could not connect to host A & B" or "Could not connect to target because target machine actively refused it" All firewalls are set to allow. IP's are auto obtain. I have made a Backburner render on both pc's. I can see and access both pc's from each other over the network. Am I using the wrong renderer? Advice and input all welcome (^ㅂ^)
  2. Hi guys, I was texting DR render with 2 x 4cores machine in 3Dmax9. It taks 12 minutes a frame, however when I uncheck DR. Only render with the local machine, it takes only 10 minutes. Anyone know why? I have all my material in the local machine
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