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  1. Hello, I'm using Vray 2.0 in Sketch Up 2015 and when I render this particular scene, the progress bar stucks up as well as the bucket. Every time I repeat it, the bucket stucks at the same spot. I almost waited half day but nothing happens. I don't know if its because the file is too heavy but it won't finish the render. I hope somebody can help me. Thank you! Please see image attached.
  2. Hi guys... First post, sorry if this was mentioned somewhere else already buy googling it don't fix my issue... Playing around with lighting effects I can't figure out why the beam of light is missing on some materials... please check the image see if you've seen this before... Thanks for any help!
  3. Hi all, Please could you help. I am trying to create and effective brass. I am doing this in principle by having a black diffuse colour (for the reflections) on the surface;a reflective layer with a falloff map for a range when material changes, and a Glossiness of 0.7 Attached is a screenshot of current issue.'Side two' shows promising results, black reflections etc.However as you can see it does not pick up the table lip profile. In order to get this shown as in Side 1 I had to add a dirt map to the diffuse layer (which was the black reflections) however this then cancels the effect of the black reflections. I have tried two diffuse layers one for dirt (in the transparency slot, and one for the black reflections to allow one to bleed through. However, this has not worked at all) I hope this makes sense. Any urgent help would be so appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi All, I am concidering processing with an upgrade to a Mac Pro 2013 from an old 2008 Mac Pro tower. I have some queries with regards to the change. Specifically - has anyone been using sketchup with Vray 2.0 on this machine? Do you find it works well? And have you any issues using Vray RT or all areas of vray. All help, and experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Studio/Institution: Wonder labs Client: Mike railey Genre: Industrial Interior Software: Sketchup + Vray Website: http://www.wonderlabs.org Description: Hey, ive just completed an industrial interior scene. Attached here with are the reference image and the rendered image. I would be obliged if any of you can please help me out in certain topics. 1. Better shadows. 2. More white balance. 3. Better sky. 4. More sharp and clear output. Thanks Regards
  6. Studio/Institution: Sporadic Studio Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3ds max, vray, photoshop Website: http://www.sporadicstudio.com/ Description: Hi, here is my recent wip works, i hope you like it. At this stage, i am still thinking of how to get rid of the HDRI horizontal bottom black issue, any idea?
  7. hi every1, i hope this thread finds u well, i'am doing my first still animation, and wandering here and there to get some tips and tricks, it seems that rendering the "LC" and "IR" is the best approach in speeding things out, so i used it and did it through distributed rendering technique, however when i started rendering, the IR map seems wrong. by the way i am using vray for sketchup, and the result is attached, and i am really thankful for any advice.
  8. What does vray do exactly from the time that I hit 'render' to the moment where the frame buffer and status window show activity ? I have a scene in Rhino where, regardless of what vray settings I use (low or high quality), it always takes a long time to start the pre-passes. I tried turning off-the-camera objects but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I also happens with GI off. However, when exporting only the objects seen by camera and rendering them as separate scene the process starts way faster. This suggests to me that vray still considers the objects not seen' by the camera by turning off layers or by hiding the objects individually. Thoughts ? EDIT: I tried leaving ONLY one object vs. ALL objets (some 1,200 objects, file size is 30mb) and takes exactly the same time, about 4 minutes to see any activity. Also the framebuffer time stamp doesn't take this wait time into account ... And by the way all vray windows become frozen so I cannot cancel. Is this normal ?
  9. Good Afternoon All! I have a question for you, my fellow professionals. I realise that this group is a place for us to showcase our work, but my question is slightly off topic as it regards the hardware that you use. I’m looking to build a new PC that can cope with very high polygon counts in SketchUp and also be able to render using VRay 2.0. I have an approximate budget of £1100 ($1650 or €1550). Whilst researching potential components; I found that there were plenty of gamers that suggest one part or another, but us SketchUp/3DS/VRay modellers/renderers are somewhat of a rarer breed, with different needs from our PCs and this is why I value your opinions so highly! My intentions are to go for an Intel i7-5930k processor (to take advantage of their Hyperthreading technology), does anybody use this and/or recommend an equivalent CPU that is of better value? In terms of RAM, I have been told to not look for anything less than 16gb. For a final render, what sort of RAM usages do you tend to achieve? Many thanks to you all and apologies for the long post! Dan
  10. Hi, i have a huge problem here, when illuminating the scene using skyportal vray lights , the reflected light on the ceiling and columns is somehow cut in half! as if some areas are being illuminated whereas some areas not. very confusing situation and im stock. also im using a 360 degree HDRI image in my environment mapslot. here's a picture of my scene, ive also attached 3ds max file to my scene so you could take a look at the settings : interior_illumination.zip
  11. So I've built a room that I need to be able to see into from the exterior. In Mental Ray I would just uncheck the double sided option under render stats for the wall. This option does not affect vray. To achieve a similar effect in vray, I'm using a 2sided vray material with the wall material on the inside and a transparent material on the outside. This worked until I wanted to export render passes. Since the entire room is seen through the transparent material, the only pass that has any info is the refraction pass. Is there a way to get a single sided material that works with the vray pass system the way I would want?
  12. Hello, I am redering a kitchen and tried to make sure the wall looks atleast realistic, but it ends up looking too flat. Can you help me out? I have attached screenshot of render and showing the material.
  13. Hi and apologies if this has already been answered on previous posts. I have an animated camera that moves very slowly over a short distance within my scene (3D Max and Vray) and am wondering if I can use the zdepth pass to create DOF in AE? I am unsure how this works as the Zdepth seems to only be for one frame and not for the camera path. (Do I need to render out multiple Zdepth pass's - can you even do that?) If anyone can share their knowledge with me on this or point me to a tutorial it would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello, I'm using Max 2010 with Vray 2 My problem is the VrayHDRI in my scene. The Horiz. rotation works as expected and I can turn the HDRI as I need. I have a problem with Vert. roatation. When I'm start change the rotation level I can see the HDRI rotate like it has a pivot on scene left side instead of move it up or down as expected. Please advice for any idea why it moves like this. Regards,
  15. Hello, I'm using Max 2010 with Vray 2.00.02. My problem is the VrayHDRI in my scene. The Horiz. rotation works as expected and I can turn the HDRI as I need. I have a problem with Vert. roatation. When I'm start change the rotation level I can see the HDRI rotate like it has a pivot on scene left side instead of move it up or down as expected. Please advice for any idea why it moves like this. Regards,
  16. Hello everyone, thank you in advance the help I can get and sorry for my English. I'm working on a 3D model of an apartment and when something fixed perspectives I have no problem When I try to do the animation, I first make the process of generate the light cache and irradiance map, but to render I get black spots on the wall. The project is done in 3DS Max 2012 and Vray 2.00. SolidRocks try and do it with me and the same thing happens. Please your help .... Attached images with the settings of vray. http://www.mexico-global.com/camera1ver2-000081.jpg http://www.mexico-global.com/camera1ver2-000181.jpg http://www.mexico-global.com/settings1.jpg http://www.mexico-global.com/settings2.jpg http://www.mexico-global.com/settings3.jpg http://www.mexico-global.com/settings4.jpg http://www.mexico-global.com/settings5.jpg http://www.mexico-global.com/settings6.jpg
  17. Good morning (^v^)/ I would like to try and setup distributed rendering. I have 3DsMax 2012 and VRay Advanced 2.0 Can someone explain to me the difference between VRay RT render server, VRay DR Spawner, Backburner and Net Render? I know Backburner comes standard with 3DsMax for distributed rendering but what's the Net Render tick box for at the bottom of the Common Parameters in the Render Setup? And the Distributed Rendering tick box under the Settings Tab? Why are there so many... I have tried all the above render choices(?) but they all gave me some sort of problem: (1) Backburner, I can render the scene from my intended slave(B) to my main pc(A) but the render process does not use A and B to render. When i render from A, picks up only the A server and uses it. (2) Net Render, I type the IP's of A and B but again it only picks up A. (3) Distributed Rendering, with this option selected in the Settings tab, I type the IP's of A and B but it returns with a warning log saying "Could not connect to host A & B". (4) VRay DR Spawner, it neither starts up when I select it form the start menu (it's not in my Task Bar or under my Tast Manager) nor when I click it in my C-Drive directory. (5) VRay RT render server starts fine but I have to start the vraydummy2012.max from the C-Drive (a tutorial said it should show up). During the render it returns with a warning log saying "Could not connect to host A & B" or "Could not connect to target because target machine actively refused it" All firewalls are set to allow. IP's are auto obtain. I have made a Backburner render on both pc's. I can see and access both pc's from each other over the network. Am I using the wrong renderer? Advice and input all welcome (^ㅂ^)
  18. Studio/Institution: inspire studio. Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max, VRay, Photoshop Website: http://www.inspirestudios.in Description: Hello friends, this is my first post in this forum. Presently I am working on this "Studio House" project, its a personal learning project and I am trying to figure out ways of achieving realistic lighting through VRay. I hope you guys give me some suggestions and critics and help me understand the world of Lighting in CGI. ---- Thank you! Tanay Pathak
  19. Hi everyone, I'm using 3d max 2011 + Vray 2.0 I'm using Vray sun/Vray sky for my scene, everything looked pretty good to me so far, but once few materials applied, all my scene was suddenly over bright, the color and textures are washed out and I get those blue-ish shadows all over the image. [ATTACH]47531[/ATTACH] Can anyone please help me on this ? Thanks
  20. Hello, I am rendering a scene in Vray for Max. I have used 1 Vray light which acts like Area light. I want to get a good highlight on the lamp pole. So for that I tried creating a plane and applied Vray Light material. Increased multiplier to 100. For the material of lamp, I have used Vray material. In the reflections, I turned the colour to grey to get reflections. The refl. glossiness is at 1.0. But, I dont understand why it doesnt show any reflections on it. Secondly I want to show volume on it. Rite now it looks flat. I tried playing with angle of light but all in vain. I thought of using a black panel but I dont know how I should place it. Can you provide some tips.
  21. I have recently started to use 3DS max Vray. I have used a sphere to glow. I used Vray light material and increased multiplier to 250. In the render setup, Vray DMC sampler, I increased the samples to 10. In Vray irradiance map, I increased Hsph. subdivisions to 100 and interp. samples to 500. Ambient onclusion is off. Still I am getting white patches on the floor where the glow falls. I want a smooth gradient on the floor. I have uploaded the render. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47390[/ATTACH] Canb you please guide me in improving it.
  22. Studio/Institution: munovstudio Client: munovstudio Genre: Office Interior Software: 3ds max 2009 | Photoshop cs3 | Lightroom 2 Website: http://www.coroflot.com/munov Description: This is a design plan from my office, the concept of natural and exposed .. still learning .. criticisms and suggestions please
  23. Studio/Institution: Design-DI Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max, v-ray, photoshop Website: http://https://www.facebook.com/Design.DI Description: [ATTACH=CONFIG]46566[/ATTACH]hello everybody this is my first published works in this forum I hope you like later, I will have some work release here. I have used 3dsmax 2011 for modelling, v-ray for rendering and photoshop. thanks.
  24. Studio/Institution: Marcombe emmanuel Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max 2012, vray 2.0, photoshop cs5 Website: http://www.marcombe-emmanuel-infographie.fr Description: Personal project
  25. Studio/Institution: personal Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3ds max, vray Description: hello my its my 1st post and also my 1st commercial interior. plz suggest me wht to do more in it to make it more realistic thnx all............
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