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  1. Hi Everyone ??? Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to create and publish animated rendered frames of products, using 3ds Max, V-Ray and Webrotate360: https://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2020/02/webrotate360-with-3ds-max-v-ray.html Users will learn how to: 2:02 Set up the 3ds max scene 3:00 Load up the V-Ray rendering engine and set up the scene for draft renders 7:31 Create and setup a V-Ray Dome Light 8:40 Add the V-Ray Environment Exposure Control 8:55 Apply and edit the V-Ray HDRI Light 11:17 Create and Edit a Camera Animation 17:39 Create and edit a V-Ray Material 20:19 Add and Edit HDRI to the Environment 21:10 Add and edit a 3ds max LUT file in the Frame Buffer 22:37 Create and Edit a Stainless Steel Material 25:04 Set up V-Ray for High Resolution Renders 26:05 Create an Animatic Preview 26:41 Fixing Gamma Issues 27:25 Use LUT Explorer script to save the render with the LUT applied 29:36 Use Garagefarm to Render the frames 35:50 Create Photoshop actions to aquatically apply LUT files and reduce image sizes 39:20 Upload and launch your files using Webrotate360 and SpotEditor I really hope you find it useful, like and share it! Ta Jamie
  2. Hello! Just looking to update my HDRI library and garden plants/tree library. I would appreciate your opinions on whats worth purchasing? Many Thanks Tom
  3. Greetings! Using Vray and 3dsmax, when I turn reflection / refraction environment on everything goes completely black including the HDRI. The override material is reflective, I have excluded the glass windows and when I turn on the reflection refraction environment from the environment slot in the render setup the HDRI goes completely black. When the reflection refraction environment is turned off it works. I tried increasing the gamma and the multiplier and still no luck :-( I've been using LeonLeon51's (Tom) great tutorial on youtube on HDRIs and the environment . Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or missing? Many thanks!
  4. Hi, I have a big problem with vray physical camera, when I render the complete scene it looks dark like there isnt no gamma or SRGB, but when I render a small region it looks fine. I'm using a vray light dome with an HDRI and vray physical camera in 3ds max 2015.
  5. I've been working in VRay for nearly two years and I would consider myself a decent artist. My materials and texturing is good but my lighting has always lacked. I'm having trouble achieving well lit interior rooms, with nice contrast and colours, but I always end up with overexposed spots and the rest of the room being, just okay. I want my renders to look more like these: http://www.cgarchitect.com/2017/02/vemdalen-kitchen http://www.cgarchitect.com/2017/02/creative-city---neu-marx7 http://www.cgarchitect.com/2017/02/creative-city---neu-marx8 http://www.cgarchitect.com/2017/03/bankside-flat---2 Maybe it is just because I know that my images are just renders, but I always feel like they don't like right, they look 3d. They never have that realistic, photographic quality that I see from professionals. I am very critical of myself, I don't ever love what I end up making, but I want to improve myself a lot this year. Any tips? Anything I should be doing in VRay? I see people using HDRi's and getting great results, but mine don't turn out that nice. My raw renders always need a lot of work, because the lighting is never as even as I want, but I've seen other peoples unedited work and the render is almost good enough to publish as is. Sorry if that felt like I was ranting, I just really want to get better, I want to be the best I possibly can be, especially if I am going to be doing this professionally. Thanks for any help
  6. I'm flollowing the tutorial by Peter Guthrie on HDRI lighting, seem to have all the camera and render settings set correctly and still - i can't figure out what I do wrong. I have a HDRI map set as texture in my domelight (not selected as "invisible" or anything like that). The map doesn't show in the viewport (when I select "Use Environment Background", the viewport turns all black) and in the render there is no background whatsoever. I use 3ds max 2013 and V-ray 2.4. Attached is everything that can possibly help to spot what's wrong. I would be very thankful for any advices, I'm struggling with what seems to be so simple for quite a time and it's rather frustrating. How is it that what's shown as achieved so effortlessly causes such problems to many people?
  7. Hey guys, new here. Working on this label for a client and they want some unrealistic lighting. I edited my HDRI map so I could make my own "reflections" My material is reflective, hdri map is set to spherical. For some reason as soon as the first edge of the first polygon that starts the smoothed corner comes the reflection of the HDRI is completely cut off.No matter what, if I move the edge or cut down the polygons the cutoff moves farther away. I have tried modeling the object differently, with and without smoothing and always the same result. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Studio/Institution: SOWA Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3ds max Website: http://https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgbYXVKFXFswkwx6y01mfAg Description: Hey all, I am working on a archviz project, i begining in it, i need your experience ! So my first question is : How can i modify de coordinate of my HDRI or how can i remove the black part ? (cc picture) [ATTACH=CONFIG]53662[/ATTACH] I'm using a Peter Guthrie hdri but a part of it is black... Thanks for your attention, dawl. dawl.
  9. Studio/Institution: SOWA Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3ds max Website: http://https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgbYXVKFXFswkwx6y01mfAg Description: Hey all, I am working on a archviz project, i begining in it, i need your experience ! So my first question is : How can i modify de coordinate of my HDRI or how can i remove the black part ? (cc picture) I'm using a Peter Guthrie hdri but a part of it is black... Thanks for your attention, dawl.
  10. Hi, I am learning 3ds max. Recently made an interior scene lit wit HDRI. This was my setup. Vray dome light with HDRI map loaded for reflection. Used the same hdri as environment. This was my result. But, I didn't like the background and so wanted to change that with a random city image. I replaced the environment map with a bitmap. Added the bitmap to a material slot and made as environment screen. Then I instanced that back to the environment map. This was my result. The render was a weird looking, transparent image. No idea what's the problem. What am I doing wrong? What is the correct way to set a backplate with hdri?
  11. Hi, I was trying to render an Indoor scene lit with HDRI. Following some tutorials, I somehow got a good looking render. With a Vray Dome light loaded with HDRI and the same loaded as an Environment map, I got this. But I didn't like the background and I wanted to change the backplate with a random image from the internet. So, I replaced the map from environment map slot with a bitmap and I got this transparent, weird render. What am I doing wrong? What is the correct way to load a backplate?
  12. Hey All, There is a new texture/hdri resource: http://www.episcura.com We have thousands of seamless images, lots of HDRI and some stock photography. A free account is 15/mb per day. Check us out at http://www.episcura.com Also we have a free bandwidth page that doesn't require sign up or login. http://episcura.com/p/370_a9a6af48 Always eager to hear feedback. Let us know what you think! Thanks! Christian Day
  13. Hello again... I was searching all around internet to find some FREE HDRI interior of a expo hall... and I didn't had any success, so I decided to make couple of my own ... and to share them with you. They are made with C4D and Vray but you can use them in any 3D app as a light source or background... best regards and fast renders... Bosko L. http://boskolazovic.blogspot.com/
  14. Hi, does anyone have a simple rhino vray scene of a swimming pool/water lit by an HDRI and with an invisible sunlight to give the caustic reflections and refractions that they wouldnt mind sharing? Have watched and read lots of tutorials, it seems like a straightforward process, but nothing seems to be working, would be very useful to reverse engineer someones file. Or any advice/input. I would really appreciate any help! Thanks Paddy
  15. i was wondering, when using vray sun in combination with vray dome light with an hdri in texture slot, should the vray sky in the environment slot be enable or not. i mean the scene is already being illuminated by the hdri thru dome light , should the vray sky also illuminate the scene? is that a good combination for interior/exterior lighting?
  16. Hi, I render an interior scene with only HDRI lighting. When I use VrayHDRI map like a texture in Vray dome light (with default adaptivness threshold 1,0) I get a nice result. But if I want to use VrayHDRI in environment slot with skylight portals in the windows, I get completly different result Is there any way to get the same result, without using domelight with adaptivness ??
  17. The rendering is coming out pale and very unrealistic and some how not appealing. I'd really appreciate it if you guys can help me with that and enhance its photo realism. I'm new to Vray for Max so I'm a bit lost. I attached a raw render and my lighting/ camera settings. Im usin a Vray HDRI and Vray sun.
  18. I'm quite new with v-ray so I want to know which are the best settings for drafts render? My last draft render took 30 minutes, 640x480px. I'm using a HDRI map in a V-ray Dome light. I have to mention that i have a lot of glass, but the model is quite simple. I tried to get the settings as low as possible. I attached my v-ray settings. My specs: i7 - 2.7GHz, 2 cores, 4 threads. Video - 2GB. RAM - 8GB DDR.
  19. Studio/Institution: polsl Genre: Other Software: 3ds max, vray Description: I'm a beginner at the very beginning. I know that texturing is bad but my main problem is lighting. I use hdri map in dome light (multipliers for hdri - 0,05 overall and 5 render; for dome light - 1) and vray plane lights in the windows (multiplier 5). My camera settings: f-number 3, shutter speed about 13, iso about 250. Although the walls, ceiling, floor etc. have reflection map, delicate bumps and high reflections subdivs, everything seems to be just flat, plastic,dull and looks way better in the viewport than on the actual render. Does it have to do with using low multiply value of dome light and adjusting only camera settings to make the render brighter? Is the lighting too uniform? (I don't want sharp shadows but some shadows are definitely desireable.) The bedroom render is not at all satisfying but looks a bit better than the other one. At least, the lighting is a bit more realistic and there is a kind of gradation of shades on the wall - not present in the second render. I know that photoshop can change a lot but I'd really like to learn how to make clean renders. I would be thankful for any advices, I still have some to work on my projects, so all your suggestions will be useful.
  20. Hi, guys. It's my first post ever, so a big hello. Often found here solutions for my beginner troubles. Now I am sure my question has an answer somewhere here but I am under a lot of time pressure and I found too many posts with "HDRI PROBLEM" tag. So here is the trouble. using: 3d max 2012, vray 2.0 and a bloody night scene HDRI for my night scene. For some strange reason, I cannot see my HDRI in the viewport and therefor, cannot control my scene. I tried all the possible things, now what I did, I exited my scene, and opened a new one, put some balls with some stuff, a vray plane, another HDRI, a vray dome light. Of course, same result. But now, when i try to check the "use Environment Background", it would not let me select it. Vray renders my HDRI and all things are in their place, I just need to move it a little bit, which now is impossible.
  21. Hi, it's a pleasure of being in this community, with people that share one of my passions, rendering architecture! Thanks for your time! I am having some problems rendering with vray: 1)I cant figure out if it is a antialiasing problem but as you see, the superior edge line of the black marble wall starts pixelating when reachs darker parts The attached image show this problem clearly 2) I also have a problem with the hdri... they are extremely dark and the only solution that i've thought is changing the render multiplier to 20 to reach a normal level of brightness. The most strange thing of all is that if i use vray sun with it's default vray sky as environment only this problem doesnt' happens, so i don't think that it might be a camera problem. I set the vray phis. camera with a f number value of 8, and a shutter and film speed of aprox. 120. 3) I have to set up vraylight material and ies lights to extremely high values of power (around 30000) or i wont see them when rendering. This might be related with the previous problem. 4)My last problem: If i put 5 3d trees models the rendering time gets eternal... days.. is it normal? Please excuse me for the long post and the bad english. I'm trying to finish this soon so i can show it in my curriculum vitae. Thanks for the attention
  22. I have two HDRI versions - low res blurry HDRI for diffuse lighting - high res sharp HDRI for reflections and specs First solution Blurry HDRI in my dome light, aligned with sun (for better shadows), Sharp HDRI in my Environment slot Then I have to make dome light invisible to render so that sharp background is being rendered, but the reflections are still blurry, I could also uncheck reflection and spec tick box on the Dome light (I am not sure if this is the way to go). Second solution I could just use vray's environment switcher rollout in render settings, and after properly aligning sun position with the Dome HDRI just turn this light off and leave it to the switcher. Third solution Just use the sharp HDRI for everything. So again what is the right way to go OR the best way to go?
  23. Hi everyone, I have a question about Gamma control in VrayHDRI map (see attachement): In Vray 2.40.04 the ''gamma control'' in ''processing'' tab have desappear. I was woundering if this habe been replaced by the ''inverse gamma'' control in ''Color Space'' tab. Thank you!
  24. Hi all, Working on a rendering and using an HDRI in a vray light done for the first time. The Sky is from CG-Source. (link: http://www.cg-source.com/details_hdrisky.php?id=0083-04&pricat=sky) I am also using Linear Workflow. Im still in draft stage of this, so ignore the bad textures /strange revit topography. I can't seem to get the sky to look bright like it does in the sample on their website without overexposing the model. I've tried tons of different vray camera settings and ive tried messing with the multipliers on the vrayHDRI but I just can't seem to get it to work. Does anyone have any ideas as to what im doing wrong?
  25. Studio/Institution: Undisclosed Famous Pizza Chain Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3ds Max 2014 w/ Mental Ray Description: I've recently taken on a role doing many more renderings than I used to and now I'm able to really focus on improving on my quality. However, with so many options I'm not sure where to start. My renderings are coming out too saturated and just don't look realistic. I have an entire model of the building built for other purposes and have glass windows which allow exterior light in the scene. I have a skylight with an HDRI map, am using a target spot for higher intensity sun and photometric light on the interior. Most materials I have used are Arch&Design (mental ray renders). Any suggestions? I'm an architect by trade and am basically self taught in max so please don't be shy in your responses as all feedback will help me grow. Thanks!!
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