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Found 18 results

  2. Does anyone know why the "Subdivs" in the Reflect and Refract sections of the new Vray 3.3 Material editor show as grey'ed out? I can't type in any number to increase my subdivs. see attached image please help!!!!!!!
  3. Hi, I have a project due tomorrow, and i am trying to render this animation in vray 3dmax, however, the rendered objects are all appearing black and only the hdri background image is being lit, I cannot find the problem! i went over the cam setting, vray sun, and materials, and the vray settings, however it does not seem to work!, im rendering the animation as single frames and then combining them in 3ds max ram player. can anyone give a solution ASAP please, I have attached the file. THANK YOU!!!!
  4. Studio/Institution: Future portfolio piece Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3Ds Max 2014, Vray 3.0, Description: Hi. I would be really grateful if you could give me some feedback on one of my renders. The render is hopefully going to be the first in a portfolio of work. I really need some work. I'm just not sure where to go. The irradience map is set to the low pre-set and the light cache is at 500. This is really for to speed. Any feedback you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  5. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a model from 3ds max to Revit so it can be editable in Revit and not just a block? Also, if there is a way to bring Sketchup into Revit without it being a block would be great to know if possible as well. Have been pulling my hair out over this lol!
  6. Hello ! I have an issue with previewing the geometry in 3ds max. It is disappearing and not previewing when zooming in. System units are "mm". but also check in meters and nothing changed. Also there is issue with gizmo in perspective only, that it doesn't move smoothly but in steps. It seems like an issue with scale, but i have to work in "mm". Is there some solution for this ? Thank you !
  7. Hey, I am 3dsmax/Vray Visualizer. I am always struggling for nice intensity for Greenary and Foliage. My Trees, Ivy, Grasses, Bushes and any kind of planting renders a bit dark and low exciting. I really pushed my self into this, I am sick of these. I tried everything I can do. I used, Archmodels, CGAxis, Itoo Presets, Laubwrek, iGrasses, iBushes and iTrees but there is no success. I attached my render and Real Archmodels PDF Smaple pic. See difference your self. I used and Vizpark HDRI with quite nice intensity. If I put Higher Values than I am near of what I want but it burns out whole scene. Also attaching lots of Images that describes how I need my Greens to look like. Thanks in Advance ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]53609
  8. I'm trying to model my designs with 3D max 2014 and render it with mental ray (the size of my files are about 400 and 800M and I have large scene to render) but when rendering process reaches to 92% I'm receiving fatal and stack overflow error which it quits the rendering process . I'm using 64 bits PC with WINDOWS and 32 G Ram, core i7 479k and vga quadro 2200. I have tried to delete the history and merge it in new file but it was not useful. I would appreciate if someone can help me.
  9. Hi guys What really i m looking for is to create a realistic scene, this is my last render and i m looking for getting a better one, but i reach a place where i don't know what missed, the goal of this scene is to show this Villa (Design) in it's real environment. Please, give me your opinion and specify your answer in an element or material or any thing you find it wrong Thanks
  10. Did anyone try Quadro k5200 with 3ds max 2015 or 2014 viewport ? because i bought it and i don't feel i get the full performance for the GPU ? what i think its the driver , and i don't know whats the best driver for it ??
  11. For some reason while rendering using distributed rendering with 3ds Max 2014 and Vray 3 we get an error in the Vray log box that say's "Warning: Unable to create light from node Light 120". I also included a screen shot of the error. Anyone know what this is???? please any help would be great! Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I'm an architect, working in Lebanon, This is my render photo, i tried so hard to achieve a realistic picture i worked so hard on very small details of the models and the materials, now i'm so disappointed because as you can see the result is so far away form what i thought it would be, any one can tell me where was my fault, Material?, Modeling?, Lighting?, and how can i fix that, i know that i can do Post - production to add background or using Hdri may help but i think that doesn't fix my real problem
  13. Studio/Institution: College Genre: Residential Interior Software: Vray 3 Max 14 Description: Hello, I have this image i would like you guys to comment on. The are a lot of problems with it but my biggest concern is the noise. Total render time for this image was 8.4 hrs (!) on a 3770 @ 4.4. Normally what i do to get rid of noise is increase subdivisions per material but that is just not working. Also, the only way I have been able to get clean results is by increasing adaptive image sampler max to like 50-75 subdivisions. I would post my settings for this image if you would like to see them, i used mid-high settings. Thank you.
  14. Hello Folks, i'm having a problem with the 3ds max 2014 64bit. Sometimes my graphic driver crashes, and then it continues to work, don't know for sure why this is happening, but: In 3ds max 2012 when render finish, there are no problem. I can save the file. In 3ds max 2014 when render finish, the 3ds max simply stop working. 3ds max 2014 - 64bit Vray 2.50 -CPU Intel Sandy Bridge Core I7 2600 3.40GHz Quad Core -Motherboard Gigabyte (Sandy-Bridge) | GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 -Ram Kingston 16GB DDR3 1333MHz -Hard Disk Seagate HDD 1TB SATA3 7200RPM -Video Board Nvidia Quadro 2000 1GB GDDR5 128-Bits -Corsair 750W Hope you can solve this for me. Thanks for your attention.
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm having some trouble choosing & applying materiality to the material maps. Can someone link a good YouTube tutorial for Materials? Thanks for the help. Once I'm able to apply the materials, I look forward to uploading my scene here for comments.
  16. Recently I downloaded 3ds Max 2014 trial from autodesk. It worked without any problems for a week. It all started when I updated my Nvidia 630M with a WHQL certified graphics driver. When I opened Max after the driver update it closed with an application error which says that, an error has occurred and the application will now close. Now it opens after a Product Update. But the viewport is completely white. It crashes if I open a file. Tried changing the viewport renderer from Nitrous to direct 3d and open GL. If I do that 3ds Max doesn't even start and gives the same application error. But it works fine even with nitrous viewport if started in Integrated graphics. Someone please give me a solution for this vague error :( Core i5-3210M @ 2.5 GHz Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit sp1 4GB RAM 1GB Nvidia GT630M
  17. Studio/Institution: Undisclosed Famous Pizza Chain Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3ds Max 2014 w/ Mental Ray Description: I've recently taken on a role doing many more renderings than I used to and now I'm able to really focus on improving on my quality. However, with so many options I'm not sure where to start. My renderings are coming out too saturated and just don't look realistic. I have an entire model of the building built for other purposes and have glass windows which allow exterior light in the scene. I have a skylight with an HDRI map, am using a target spot for higher intensity sun and photometric light on the interior. Most materials I have used are Arch&Design (mental ray renders). Any suggestions? I'm an architect by trade and am basically self taught in max so please don't be shy in your responses as all feedback will help me grow. Thanks!!
  18. I am trying to render a building in 3ds Max with Vray by following a tutorial. I've mentioned the link below. The tutorial does not contain enough detail for newbie like me. I am running into trouble when I do the first test render, I don't see the effect like in the tutorial, I just get black image. I added a sphere and applied material as told in tutorial but I am doing something wrong but I am not able to figure out what. Please find the error and help me fix it. I am attaching the max file. The project files are uploaded here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hudm640lh8do21g/First%20Render.zip Tutorial Link http://en.9jcg.com/comm_pages/blog_content-art-150.htm First Render.zip
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