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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Guys. I am currently an architectural retoucher. however I have decided to train up on Arch Viz and so started the process of learning 3ds Max, Vray etc. I have just come to the realisation the 3DS Max just does not run properly on Mac. Bootcamp or Parallels. The recommended Nitrous driver crashes and the legacy driver doesn't work so well with menu options sticking and random things not working. So after 15 years of owning and being solely MAC literate I have to buy a PC. Thing is...... I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I need some help. What spec machine do I need to go for running 3ds Max 2017. What would you guys get? What do you guys use? I need to keep costs to a minimum without scrimping on what is needed. Primarily this machine will be used for training on 3ds studio Max Vray and will need to run photoshop lightning fast? Any advice you guys could give me would be very appreciated. Im of to cry into my iPhone now. Nick
  2. Hello Everyone Greetings of the Day! I am Mohd Anas from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh - India, Currently am working as a 3D architectural Visualiser. Here i am writing this to know about the Professional 3D Visualization Courses across the world. I want to do a professional 3d architectural visualization course to become a professional 3D Artist. I wanna do a in-house training not Online am ready to relocate worldwide to do a professional course with a certified academy. My goal is to achieve the Wolrd CGI Architecture Awards. So please suggest me a good academy where i can do a professional in house training to make my work Photo realistic, ready to relocate worldwide Looking forward to hear your suggestions. Thanks
  3. Studio/Institution: Mountain cabin room Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max, vray, photoshop Description: Hi, I've just finished my second interior render. It's just personal work, but I would like to hear your critique. I would like to know what to improve and what I should avoid in my next work. Any comments are welcome. Thank you.
  4. hi, any arch-viz program (off-line) in Canada? I've completed my B.Arch degree with 8 month experience. want to move in Arch Viz. want to learn Architectural modeling, photo realistic rendering still and animation/film, VR(unreal engine). i am ready to learn any program which majorly relate to arch viz even if some topics might not useful for Arch-Viz.
  5. Studio/Institution: Future portfolio piece Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3Ds Max 2014, Vray 3.0, Description: Hi. I would be really grateful if you could give me some feedback on one of my renders. The render is hopefully going to be the first in a portfolio of work. I really need some work. I'm just not sure where to go. The irradience map is set to the low pre-set and the light cache is at 500. This is really for to speed. Any feedback you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  6. Studio/Institution: SVM Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3ds max, Vray, & photoshop Description: Hello all, I'm working on this building of lofts for a site in Colorado. I had to come up with the architectural concept as well. It got a bit stylized, so I'm curious what you guys think. Is it unremarkable? lol Thanks, Josh
  7. Hello, I'm new here but assuming this is the correct place to post this... I'm currently studying for an MA in 3D Digital Design and am doing my thesis on the viability of game engines for real-time architectural visualisations (mostly going to be using UDK) and wondered what people's experiences of them are? Do many people use them commercially and if so have you found that it helps clients/architects/property developers etc.? Any help would be brilliant, thanks!
  8. Hi all, May I ask for help and tips from Australian artist, arch-viz artist or anyone within architectural field working in Australia. I'm an architectural designer from Hong Kong/Norway and going to relocate to Perth in July. I've tried looking for jobs through agency (hays.com.au) and seek.com.au but so far no luck as they all require 5+ years experience, even as a draftsman. Anyone here could provide me insight and info please? It seems like Perth doesn't have that big market when it comes to Arch-viz or is it simply because the market is already full? Not that I can't do other jobs but I've finally set half my foot into this field I'd like to continue my career as Arch-Viz artist. I've checked Danil's thread (http://forums.cgarchitect.com/26864-2-all-australian-i-need-your-help-4.html), Carl's thread (http://forums.cgarchitect.com/27820-archiviz-jobs-australia.html) and Daniel's thread (http://forums.cgarchitect.com/13733-vis-australia-wa.html) regarding jobs in Aust, Perth. But those are relatively really old threads.. Also I've checked Thomas' thread about listing studios but there are only 2 available. I've tried contact those companies but still no reply. I consider myself a excellent 3DS Max user having experience in viz and animation, also experience in drafting with AutoCAD, Revit and more. Well that's my job as architectural designer in Hong Kong right now. I'm currently leading a team of 4 but not really titled as senior because I don't have xx years experience required to acquire that title?
  9. Hoping this is the correct area to post. Hi, I'm a software engineer working on a program to help architects take a base model and generate a real time(using games tech) and more traditional rendered output(video, stills etc). This includes adding materials/lights etc. I was hoping that you guys could help me better understand the preferred work flow for this(we were recently told by a revit user that our material process felt backwards) and what kind of outputs are preferred, i.e is oculus rift useful, 8k stills or 3d movie/walkthroughs to name a few. I come from a more games orientated background so any insight into how architects work would be greatly appreciated. If anything I've said doesn't make sense/isn't clear just let me know and I'll elaborate. Again any thought people have to offer will be really useful for me. Thanks.
  10. Studio/Institution: Rielaiz Client: Personal project Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Lightwave 3D Website: http://rielaizmail.wix.com/rielaiz Description: In a drive to improve my Arch Viz portfolio, here is my take on the Psycho House. A work in progress. I felt that putting together an Arch Viz portfolio that represents my interest in classic horror movie, iconic buildings would be more interesting visually, than an office block, post modern, minimal edifice or a park. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This first image is my most recent progress. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Hi all I searched the forum and did not find any results that answered my questions... My wife is an architectural interior designer and she just dropped this job in my lap. Nice gig but completely new to me. She lays out her floorplans in Revit and can use SketchUp as an intermediary if necessary. I am looking for some general tips and gotchas for this type of work as I move it into C4D. I have to take the floorplan, add some other components like drum kit, light rigs, seating, etc. Texture, light and render a still image of the scene. Pretty typical workflow for most users here I imagine. We tried exporting the floorplan as DWG, DXF and tidy them up in Illustrator. Every section of wall was an individual line. This would take hours to clean up and prepare for extrusion in C4D obviously. Is there an Export/Import setting that will help avoid this? We made a simple model in Revit and exported an FBX which seemed to work, although the scale and orientation were wrong. Again, is there a setting to help bring the model into C4D with the proper dimensions? The building is obviously in correct proportion to itself, but when I have to add an 8 foot drum riser, I need to know for sure that 8 foot in this world is 8 foot in that world. If you follow me. I am trying to get an FBX of the floorplan from the client, in the meantime I need to figure out how to work with the plan I have. One thing I have always found odd about C4D is that the scale of things always seems off. I put this down to me not paying attention to one thong or another and just got on with the compromise as it has never been that critical for motion graphics. In doing some tests for this project though it definitely seems like the scale of things is odd. For example I built a simple 12 foot room with a window, but when I placed a typical 35mm camera in the room it felt like a show box. The only way to see the entire room, as you would expect to do as human standing in a 12 foot room, was to use a near fisheye lens with all that horrible distortion. I tried to scale the camera down but I could not do it. The only way to get close to satisfactory results was to multiply everything by 10, so my room was now - according to the C4D Co-ordintes - a 120 foot room. Thus my concern for building out this scene that needs to be inch accurate for the architects. Any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated. Cheers AdamM
  12. Not to send people in mass hoards to other websites, but does anyone have other alternative sites that are similar to CG Architect? I vaguely recall a website around 5 years ago that started up that was dedicated to industry specific news but I never could find it again....
  13. Good morning / afternoon and evening to you all. I would just like to say congratulations on all the work I have seen in the gallery in my short time on the site and I am envious of everyone's skills in the field. I recently graduated from a motion graphics and animative design course at Northumbria uni in newcastle, UK and I'm looking to get hired in a arch viz role but thanks to a power surge and windows my external HDD was wiped so I lost all my work from the last 3 yrs of my course. My Questions are thus: 1. When applying for arch viz jobs are mental ray renders still ok to use? as I know a lot of places would like or require Vay renders or knowledge. However my 4GB Ram and 2 GHZ processor laptop cant run VRay and I cant afford to get another one at this time. 2. I was talking to a gentleman from mustard recruitment on the phone a while back and he told me 1 exterior render and 2 interiors would aid my application to a firm in newcastle which has its own arch viz dept. and i was wondering what peoples thoughts would be on whats best to model / render for this application. 3. Because I was on an animation course I needed to use Maya and switching back to max is prooving troublesome and slower to pick it up than I thought would this be a massive issue or something i need to work on to utilize max better. Thank you for your time and hope you are having a great day. Regards Rob Brown
  14. Hej all. Have recently just moved to Sweden and am looking for network connections. I've worked in London for various studios including Hayes Davidson and Wagstaffs Design. Now I working as a 3D Illustrator for Tengbom Arkitekter in Stockholm, Sweden. I'll upload some images to my CG architect portfolio soon but in the meantime please look at www.itschriswebb.com for my portfolio. Also feel free to add me on Twitter www.twitter.com/itschriswebb or LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/itschriswebb. Keep up the good work everyone! Chris
  15. Studio/Institution: LeFx Client: personal reference project Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3ds Max, VRay, AfterEffects Website: http://www.lefx.de Description: Hi, after finally uploading the animation, we decided, that we are ready to present another project of ours. This time it´s an outdoor-visualization of an office building. We took a concept from a friendly architect and built on top of that. Right from the start it became clear to us, that we didn't want to go for a completely realistic approach. So we tried to create some stylized environment to help the building to better stand out of its surroundings. Later in the project we found it to be a bit too empty and lifeless, so we filled some stylized people into the scenery to make things more alive. We decided to go for some kind of tilt-shift approach in the final look to take advantage of the fact, that this was a personal reference project with room for stylistic experiments. The project was made with 3ds Max 2011, VRay 2.0 and AfterEffects for post-production. Here are some more close-ups: We hope you like it. Feel free to leave your opinion or critics.
  16. Studio/Institution: Tenjin Visual Client: Sverigehuset Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max, vray Website: http://www.facebook.com/tenjinvisual Description: Tenjin Visual has produced a new 3D-film to advertise apartments in Sweden. The aim was to develop a film that gave potential customers a clear vision of the nice location by Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden. We hade to create a very realistic manner of the apartments to help the customers understand how it will look when finished. http://vimeo.com/20285603
  17. hi Guys, we are a company based in india, we are planning to expand our business. we would like to get the best possible system for our domain of work(3d arch viz)approx 3 walkthroughs per month. As of now our high end systems are equpped with i7 and 920 2.6ghz.with 6GB ram. during our research we came across this http://h71016.www7.hp.com/dstore/MiddleFrame.asp?page=config&ProductLineId=431&FamilyId=3094&BaseId=31393&oi=E9CED&BEID=19701&SBLID= irnoy is that we dint know to configure the right specs,since we are novoice in hardwares. please let us know your thgoughts on this or suggest us something which enahnces our rendering and also workflow. Regards, Arun www.hestiastudios.com
  18. Studio/Institution: Tenjin Visual Client: QPG Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max, mental ray Website: http://www.tenjinvisual.com Description:
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