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Found 5 results

  1. Perhaps this would be useful. There was a site, that some of you may have found already: http://www.cgstepinside.com - however, it appears to be defunct. It provided a worldwide map of CG Studios, CG Schools, and individually submitted CG Profiles. I think it's a pretty cool idea to have a geographic overview of the industry. Here on CGarchitect, we can create a list of the Arch-Viz studios! I figure it would be most useful to go by Country and City. I'll start by listing a few here. PLEASE ADD YOUR STUDIOS by reply, and I will update this list ps: feel free to write a description of the studio in your post too, if you wish. ARGENTINA Buenos Aires: http://www.jaddel.com AUSTRALIA Adelaide: http://www.keirro.com Brisbane: http://www.justinhuntvisualization.blogspot.com.au http://www.scharp.com.au http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Melbourne: http://www.eaglevision.com.au http://www.floodslicer.com.au http://www.lucernal.com http://www.scharp.com.au http://www.squintopera.com http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Perth: http://www.abtdesigns.com.au http://www.lastpixel.com.au Sydney: http://www.floodslicer.com.au http://www.scharp.com.au http://www.studio5253.com.au AUSTRIA Vienna: http://www.cy-architecture.com http://www.tangram3ds.com http://www.tangram3ds.at BELGIUM Brussels: http://www.indaboxstudio.com http://www.zooo.be BRAZIL Brasília: http://www.lumostudio.com.br Rio de Janeiro: Sao Paulo: http://www.Squintopera.com BULGARIA Sofia: http://www.rubikandsun.com CANADA Markham: http://www.dhrendering.com Vancouver: Toronto: CHINA Beijing: http://www.splendid4d.com Chengdu: http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Hong Kong: Shanghai: http://www.studio216.com http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com COLOMBIA Bogota: http://www.sona3d.com CZECH REPUBLIC Prague: http://www.visualarch.eu EGYPT http://www.mazensamir.com ESTONIA http://www.saarnakvisuals.com FRANCE Lille: http://www.infograph.org Paris: http://www.luxigon.fr Strasbourg: http://www.ka-ra.fr GERMANY Berlin: http://www.colormass.com http://www.infinity-vision.de Munich: Stuttgart: http://www.moel-archvis.eu HUNGARY Budapest: http://www.colormass.com INDIA Ahmedabad: http://www.hitechcaddservices.com http://www.truecadd.com Bangalore: http://www.mayabious.com Bangladesh: http://www.getrendering.com Chennai: http://www.3darchprevision.com Delhi: http://www.mayabious.com http://www.universalcg.hk/2015b Kolkata: http://www.mayabious.com Mumbai: http://www.mayabious.com IRELAND Cork: http://www.cmgdesigns.ie http://www.pedersenfocus.ie Dublin: http://www.inviz.ie http://www.sketchrender.com ISRAEL Haifa: http://www.crgr.co.il Tel Aviv: http://www.studio-aiko.com ITALY Bergamo: http://www.francescolegrenzi.com Faenza: http://www.engram.it Genova: http://www.stack-studios.com Milano: http://www.deltatracing.com Porto San Giorgio: http://www.u6studio.com Roma: http://www.liraatvisuals.com Venezia: http://www.stateofartstudio.com JAPAN Tokyo: KAZAKHSTAN Almaty: http://www.blackdroplets.com KENYA Nairobi: http://www.arqisolutions.co.ke KUWAIT http://www.mazensamir.com LITHUANIA Vilnius: http://www.3darchitect.lt http://www.ar3dviz.net NETHERLANDS Amsterdam: http://www.pixelflakes.com Maastrict: http://www.multivision3d.nl ROMANIA Iași: http://www.gretarh.com http://www.pickant.ro (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pickant-Studio-Architectural-Visualisation/147212481990811?ref=hl) RUSSIA Moscow: http://www.photoreal3d.ru SINGAPORE Singapore City: http://www.audax.com.sg http://www.dreamunitpictures.com http://www.lns.com.sg (Light & Shadows) http://www.vmw.com.sg (Visual Media Works) SLOVAKIA City unknown: http://www.flyingarchitecture.com SOUTH AFRICA Cape Town: http://www.constructmedia.co.uk Johannesburg: http://www.asylumstudio.co.za Randburg: http://www.marius-erasmus.co.za Western Cape: http://www.mornestudio.com SOUTH KOREA Seoul: SPAIN Barcelona: http://www.felsvfx.com Madrid: http://www.jfs-ia.com http://www.lemonsbucket.com SWEDEN Stockholm: http://www.walktheroom.com Gothenburg: http://www.industriromantik.se http://www.tmrw.se TAIWAN Taipei: TURKEY Istanbul: UAE Dubai: UK Birmingham: http://www.franklingruppe.com Bournemouth: http://www.agencykilo.com http://www.d-zinelounge.com Brighton: http://www.F10studios.co.uk http://www.Harriskalinka.com http://www.ViStudio.co.uk Bristol: http://www.Architectureinmotion.com http://www.jd3d.co.uk http://www.ocula.co.uk http://www.Preconstruct.com http://www.troopershill.co.uk/ Cranbrook: http://www.polygoncgi.com Exeter: http://www.Montageuk.com Haywards Heath: http://www.th-visuals.com Leeds: http://www.3DVisualisationltd.co.uk Leamington Spa: http://www.atriumvisuals.com Liverpool: http://www.johnsonjames.co.uk http://www.render-studios.com London: http://www.Atelieryork.co.uk http://www.Cityscapedigital.co.uk http://www.djscgi.com (Dowling Jones & Stone) http://www.Forbesmassie.com http://www.foundationcgi.com http://www.Glowfrogviz.com http://www.inviz.co.uk http://www.mgdesignuk.com http://www.pixelflakes.com http://www.Preconstruct.com http://www.Squintopera.com http://www.Thevisualiser.com http://www.Vyonyx.com Manchester: http://www.the-neighbourhood.com http://www.virtual-planit.com http://www.wearemi.com Oxford: http://www.blinkimage.com UKRAINE Dnipropetrovsk: http://www.freedesstudio.wix.com URUGUAY Montevideo: http://www.kuanstudio.com USA Boston: http://www.neoscape.com Chicago: http://www.arccentric.com http://www.infxstudio.com http://www.studiorendering.com Chino: http://www.playcgi.net Houston: http://www.tiltpixel.com Kansas City: http://www.ZooBoing3D.com Kittery: http://www.tangram3ds.com http://www.tangram3ds.at Los Angeles: http://www.kilograph.net http://www.luxigon.com http://www.shimahara.net http://www.splendid4d.com http://www.transparenthouse.com http://www.visualhouse.co Naples: http://www.3das.com Newport Beach: http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com New York: http://www.cromo3d.com http://www.digitallogicvfx.com http://www.myndworkshop.com http://www.neoscape.com http://www.render-experts.com Portland, OR.: http://www.h3dviz.com San Francisco: http://www.3dfov.com http://www.steelbluellc.com http://www.studio216.com http://www.transparenthouse.com http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Seattle: http://www.studio216.com VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City: http://www.rainstormfilm.com
  2. Hi, I am happy to announce the release of my new Arch Essentials kit for modo 10, 11 and 12 series. Arch Essentials gives you two kits for one fabulously low price, - The mARCH Classics Kit comprises 5 re-mastered plugins from the popular mARCH Kit for modo. - The Window Maker Kit includes 3 new highly adjustable window generators, an alignment helper and 3d models. This kit is not just limited to arch-viz type work, though. Tools like poly-sweep, mesh-align, select-by-height/normal can be used for more general tasks in modo and are real time-savers. The kit is available now for just £20 ($26). Show me » Regards, -neil
  3. Hi everyone.... can you please tell which are the best tree models for an Arial view? if possible send link
  4. Hi everybody, here is our first interior test with Unreal...it was done to showcase a potential client the possibilities of using ue4 for archviz and all the possible interactions (that's why we have dynamic oranges falling and an animated skeleton for the luxo light eh eh). Following some screens and videos....ah right... the scene was also converted for ipad and iphone as you can see. Thanks. To see more screens make sure to visit our portfolio page at www.maardigital.com
  5. Hoping this is the correct area to post. Hi, I'm a software engineer working on a program to help architects take a base model and generate a real time(using games tech) and more traditional rendered output(video, stills etc). This includes adding materials/lights etc. I was hoping that you guys could help me better understand the preferred work flow for this(we were recently told by a revit user that our material process felt backwards) and what kind of outputs are preferred, i.e is oculus rift useful, 8k stills or 3d movie/walkthroughs to name a few. I come from a more games orientated background so any insight into how architects work would be greatly appreciated. If anything I've said doesn't make sense/isn't clear just let me know and I'll elaborate. Again any thought people have to offer will be really useful for me. Thanks.
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