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Found 15 results

  1. I thought Id create this thread so I can post models Im working on that are available for artists, also get feedback since you guys are the ones that will be using them. Also Id like to get a gauge on what you do and dont like (it can be anything from the design to the polycount or something that looks like it needs attention etc). I want to ensure the quality reflects the user experience essentially. Everything is original made and royalty free, you can use commercially or for projects whatever you like. Furniture Kitbash Set My idea for the first pack of models (there will be around 36) in this one is specifically for kitbashing, Im also providing them directly in case you want just a few pieces of the set without needing the whole lot or if you want to test out the quality. The idea behind this set is when doing exterior renderings of large apartments/house facades it would be nice to have a set of kitchens, living rooms, dining, plants, accessories etc that you can scatter using forestpro (ill also have this setup so you can just place it on colored squares or spline shapes) and then it automatically populates and randomly switches furniture sets/materials for each furniture piece, render below). It will also stick to the floor for furniture, pendants to the ceilings, artwork to the walls etc saving us time to focus on the exterior layout. Also by using forestpro it can clip by distance so your furniture doesnt need to render per camera saving ram etc if required. The kit-bash set is specifically Low Polygon but keeping to a high standard (erring on the side of quality). Textures based on geometry size and keeping them all to around 512-1024px because of the distance involved, as well as having mostly basic materials (when I can, sometimes larger textures if really necessary to maintain quality). Also having them low poly (Keeping each set under 80k is the goal) means you can have many in the viewport with native mesh without causing problems, so far with all of these models in the scene I can still navigate at 100fps on a 1060GTX so the goal is it should be the same or close when finished, ill also provide proxy versions for outside cases but for now thats the plan. I would love your feedback on any of these, feel free to jump into the conversation if you feel like you can add value as my hopes are keeping you involved in the creation process might be useful for you too if you have some things you or your business would like made specifically for some project and would be a win-win for both of us, or maybe you just feel like being apart of the design process I would be happy to give discount coupons on these items for those who make contributions that end up effecting the process in a positive way, as Id love to give back to the community that has helped me. Also working on some kitchens at the moment, Im having a tough time deciding on the colors for the stools if you have an opinion on it Id love to hear it (WIP mind you)!
  2. Hi everyone.... can you please tell which are the best tree models for an Arial view? if possible send link
  3. Hello, colleagues! We are celebrating a milestone of followers on FB, and there are 24 lovely models of designer furniture to download, for free) OBJ files, collapsed, scaled and mapped, so everybody can use them. Shading is an intimate thing, so it is up to you. Feel free to download Here and put them to good use. Best, Arseniy
  4. Hello. My name is Stas, and at this time I work in the architectural studio as a visualizer. In my free time I sometimes make models of furniture and other objects. I would like to try to sell my models at turbosquid or other services. In this topic I would like to consult with you and ask you what models for architectural visualization are maximum demand. I do not want to lose time in vain and would therefore like to ask you what in your opinion now sells better, what would you be willing to buy, what models would be helpful for you, and in general how do you think is it really possible to earn some money that way? For example, I planned to model such necessary objects for architectural visualization as hi-end furniture sets made in one style, vegetation models (grass, bushes, trees), sets of books to fill shelves, stones and other objects. You can see examples of my models in my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/gallery/8961429/3d-foliage-models-grass https://www.behance.net/gallery/3568451/Furniture-and-objects P.S. Whether there are other ways of selling models except of royalty free stock sale services?
  5. Hi, I'm looking for "gray" models of high rises and other buildings to practice making exterior renders. Does anyone know of any free resources that I would be allowed to use in my portfolio? Thanks!
  6. From where do you get your 3d books models? And second, propably more important question - from where do you get full covers (ie - front, side, back in one image)?
  7. Hey, guys! I've been working on this website for the past 6 months. It's got a huge collection of links to free resources shared by different artists and companies, like textures, hdri's, scripts, cutouts, free 3d models, etc. It's in spanish but navigation is very easy. http://www.ejezeta.cl/category/recursos/ Have a look, you won't disappointed Cheers!
  8. Seasons Greetings, I am an architectural science student and am experiencing some really troubling issues with lag on my computer when it comes to working in viewports. I am currently in my 3rd year of the program at my school and felt that the complexity of my models was becoming a burden on my graphics card so I decided to look into it. I use the following software: Rhinoceros 5 Revit 2014 3Ds Max 2014 AutoCAD Architecture 2014 Adobe CC Suite I see myself using Revit more and more as this term progresses and may continue using it from then on. Albeit, Rhino is my most used piece of modelling software and its the program in which I have been experiencing the most lag. I decided to try a new graphics card and then purchased a third and so far my testing isn't very conclusive. Here are the 3 cards that I have been testing. AMD Radeon HD 6850 (1GB) NVIDIA GTX 770 (4GB) NVIDIA Quadro K2000 (2GB) I initially had the Radeon HD 6850 installed and felt that it could use an upgrade. I ended up getting the GTX 770 and actually felt that viewport performance had dropped significantly. I then found a cheap K2000 and got that in hopes that it would solve my issues. So far Benchmarking in Revit and Rhinoceros has proved that they are behaving all too much alike. I'm quite disappointed in the Quadro as I expected it to better handle my "complex" models. I say complex, but I believe that these scenes are quite simple in comparison to professional models. I wonder if there is driver issues (OpenGL related?) with either of the NVIDIA Cards as they should certainly at least be outdoing the Radeon HD 6850. Here are my remaining specs if that's any use. Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit Intel Core i7 2600K 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 MOBO 500GB Seagate (SATA) 120GB INTEL (SSD)
  9. Cadlicious is a new professional networking, freelancing and 3d stock website for architectural visualisers where you create a profile to showcase your skills, sell your 3d models and find new clients. www.cadlicious.com
  10. Hi guys, We couldn't wait for Christmas time anymore, and decided to start giving up the presents NOW Every week we make some models from our collection free to download. http://www.3drivers.com/ The models are chosen randomly from our collection every week. So far we have a few thousands of 3d models of all kinds, including a large furniture and buildings collection. Welcome! Cheers, 3D Rivers Team
  11. The free 3d modelss site povide the royalty free models it provide u the various type of 3d models like table, chair, computer and lamp etc and it comes in various file format like obj 3ds and max format so that u can use this models in various software http://www.free3dmodelss.com
  12. Hi everyone We are amberspice and we would like to say hello to the community! On our homepage www.amberspice.com, we offer a range of high quality 3d-accessories for 3ds Max and V-Ray to download. There is also a short teaser animation with a preview of upcoming compilations on youtube: Cheers!
  13. Hi, I just released the last update of my commercial script for 3ds max. You can find more information in the website: http://www.hermidacg.com/maxscripts/hcg-asset-browser/ And a video: This script has the objective to help users manage thousands of models. With it you can manage models, materials and textures, and easily place single objects in the scene or multiple copy of the objects at once. I hope that you enjoy, and I will be happy if you have any suggestions or questions. You have 15 days to use for free , time enough to organize a lot of your libraries. Thanks.
  14. I need to populate a gym with workout equipment. Cardio, free weights, and exercise machines. Does any know a good library of Gym Equipment with mental ray materials. I have found alot with Vray materials. I know I could set up the materials manually myself but my dealine is looming I want to save time. Thanks.
  15. I am trying to fill a few kitchen scenes with some high-quality stuff that will make it look a little better. I cannot for the life of me find any kind of scene filler (is that what it's called?) for kitchens! I am willing to pay big bucks if it is good enough but I can't seem to find anything. I just need some good pots, pans, plates, cups, stools and maybe some good looking food (like fruit). Only I need a lot of variety. Utensils would be nice too. Does anybody know a really good quality place to get this from. (I tried evermotion but they seem to be lacking in this area and turbosquid makes me want to rip out my hair sometimes!) Thanks a million! PS is there any place better or comparable to evermotion's archinteriors and archmodels?
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